Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sometimes you just get lucky

Paul said that canned cinnamon rolls for breakfast would be fine instead of eggs and biscuits and gravy.

He also got out of bed by like, 8. Since yesterday was his 10th day straight of work, I thought this was a mighty feat.

He is now at Wal*Mart picking up his paycheck.

Then he is coming back here to get the pickup so he can go to Lowe's where he will then buy the four sheets of sheetrock that we so desperately need to finish that thorn in my side playhouse ceiling. I told him that even though I'm no taller than an Oompa Loompa, I would gladly hand him things while he puts the sheetrock up and bring him glasses of sweet tea and talk incessantly if that would help. Once the ceiling is done, then we can put the panelling on the walls. And then, put down the flooring.

And finally, after nearly 4 months, the playhouse will be completed.

It's about time.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Wow, completed playhouse and school only starts in 10 days. I bet the kids are gonna love playing in it after school! They are sooooo lucky to have a dad like that. My kids have to play in the boat shed.........

Redneck Diva said...

Hey, they were playing in a dilapidated ol' chicken coop before. Poor Abby was playing all hunched over in there! The chiropractor bills would've been outrageous, so we figured it'd be cheaper in the long run to build the playhouse. With 8 foot ceilings. Hell, Shaq could play in our playhouse.

Queen Of Cheese said...

Cool! Jason wants to build a family room with a basketball key on the floor and fold down goals. Luckily, he never starts or finishes a project by himself and I won't nag about this one. Although, the goals would make great "time out" chairs!!!!!

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