Saturday, July 23, 2005

The internet is a wonderful place

Of course, being a slave to my counter stats, I have been keeping watchful eye on them since the Miss RSJS pageant got off and running. Well, when I check my stats, I also have to check out my referrers. I just have to see where the hits are coming from.

It appears that Dirty Ashtray shouted out some other Okies. Of course, I'm honored that they mentioned me, but Sean seems very angry and perhaps sullen. In a good way, of course. Of course, he called all of us using Blogger idiots, so that might not be good, but hey, lately I'm a traffic slut, so I'll take what I can get. He also shouted out Brian, too. If you've never read Brian, you simply must. He's amazing and a great writer and well, just check him out .

I also got in Mike's Okie Round-up over at Okiedoke. I am always thrilled to make the RoundUp! He mentioned Babs and I both for being in the pageant. I like what Mike has to say. He makes me think. And laugh.

This one is amusing. Someone found me through a search for "Heather AND Olive Garden". I know how they got here because Heather (Sis) and I did go to Olive Garden AND I blogged about it, but I'm just not sure why someone would search for Heather AND Olive Garden. It's a mystery.

Yikes, I'd love to continue this shoutout/roundup session but it seems a storm is upon us and we weren't supposed to get rain until like Tuesday. It looks nasty and my husband is riding his motorcycle home from work. He hasn't ridden it in a week. Of all damn days.

I think I'll go out and stand in the yard, like any good redneck would do.


Rebecca said...

Hi Redneck Diva,
I'm only allowed to vote once each day, not fair! Well at least you are winning for now.

Politically Homeless said...

Thanks for the mention and the kind words!

I gave you a vote in the pageant. Hope it helped!

Have a good weekend!

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