Friday, July 08, 2005

Phriday's Phreakin' Photoblog courtesy of the Diva children

Keep in mind I did no editing to these pictures and I have no clue which child took which ones. Enjoy!

Either Abby's doing some kind of weird dance or she's going to turn into Wonder Woman any minute.

Here she is telling the picture taker how to do it. How uncharacteristic of her to be bossy...

I'd just about lay money there was whining involved in this one.

And now Kady's scowling. How uncharacteristic of her as well.

Sam looks like a refugee, doesn't he?

Uhhh....a broken table.....yeah

Would you want to meet up with these two in a dark alley? They look pretty tough, eh?

For once they aren't worried about cooties.

Playing with her Weebles. Actually I heard Abby say, "Kady, go over there and pretend to play Weebles, okay? It'll look like a commercial."

Giving some sisterly advice.

Blogger is being a bitch with the photos now, so I'm going to post this one and then try again in another post. It's taken me an hour and a half to get this far, ACH!! A smarter person would've given up by now, but no, I keep on plugging on. I have too much damn time on my hands.

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