Sunday, July 03, 2005

Yep, it's July 3rd

Two years ago, the last week of June through July 3rd was pure hell on earth for the Diva family. First, Kady got very, very sick, spiked a 105' fever and I rushed her to the ER to find out she had Roseola. A few days after that, our attic fan burnt up and caught our attic on fire. Then the week of disaster culminated on July 3rd with Mr. Diva being hit by a car while on his motorcycle.

Last year, July 3rd brought tornadoes to our neck of the woods, turning over trailer houses a mile and a half away and leaving us without power for nearly 48 hours.

So as July 3rd approached this year I began to wonder just what was in store for us this year.

I found out right after I woke up this morning when I looked out my dining room window.

A quick getaway

Entirely too close to the inside of my house for my taste

Up close and personal

According to Abby's nature book, it's a black rat snake. Hmmm . . . the momma or daddy to the baby we found awhile back?

We have a nest of barn swallows with babies in the back bathroom window and evidently this fella/gal was looking for a way up there and the dining room window seemed to be the best way. When it saw Mr. Diva coming at it with a stick and a bb gun, it scooted up between the window and storm window.

It was a more than 30 minute stand-off, but finally it came out. Mr. Diva measured it: 49 1/2 inches long. Taller than my oldest child. *shudder*

But if this is the worst thing we encounter today, I'm okay with that. Far better than motorcycle wrecks, fires and sick babies. Still bad, but not too bad.


hicktowndiva said...

My husband would like you to know that after viewing the snake, he will never sleep again, that is how freaked out he is. Hope the rest of your weekend is vermin-free!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Usually, snakes do not bother me. But this one is creepy. He is not where he belongs. Go back to Snakeytown and LEAVE THE PEOPLE ALONE!

Queen Of Cheese said...

Again, no one called the "Coach" family to come get reptile. I'm beginning to think I'm gonna have to come and comb the place for them myself.

Redneck Diva said...

HicktownD-My sincerest apologies to your Mr. Diva. He'd have ended up on medication if it'd been in y'all's window, eh?

Hillbilly Mom-I stood outside on my carport and announced your "Leave the people alone" statement to all critters and varmints in the area. Here's hoping they heard it.

Brian-Uhhh, Brian...I say worse than that all the time, lol. But yeah, "holy shit" really summed it up rather nicely.

Mrs. Coach-Ya know, not once while we were wrangling the damn thing did it cross my mind to call you! I am SO sorry! I will put post-its all over the house in the event we find another. Which frankly, I hope we don't, no offense.

J-Yep. My thoughts exactly.

Babs said...

Yeah, who cares what kind of snake that is . . . it doesn't belong there! I hate to think what that thing eats (double shudder).

Do hope your weekend was better than this and better than in years past.

KarbonKountyMoos said...

I can't believe it - I'm finally able to comment on your site. I had to click on the # symbol, then right click to open in another window. But it seems to be working now. What the heck is that all about? I know that I like to do things the hard way, but. . .

Oh, by the way - I just heard that the ESA (that's endangered speciec, not just snakes) has determined that these poor things are endangered. So the government is going to relocate more to the area. And you can't harm them, in any way. Because they're supposed to be here - and were before humans arrived. So enjoy - wouldn't you rather have some adorable, howling, furry wolves?

Anonymous said...

Ewwwww! I hope it didn't get the baby birds.

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