Friday, July 22, 2005

The last two nominees and THE VOTING HAS BEGUN!

The last two ladies to get in on the Miss RSJS fun are:

Babs from The Conversation Station (Babs is an Okie, a homeschooling mom and is responsible for starting the whole "baby copperhead" thing for Karen. Babs rocks, in my opinion.)

Heidi from The Beat (She's a fangirl, which I guess is what fanboys like? Right? I used to have a Smurfs comic book . . . I bet she thinks I'm a dork now . . .)


Okay, that's it. All the entries are in and Sam has the little votey thing up so friends, fellow-bloggers . . . I just checked my standings . . . I'm at ZERO PERCENT. That is totally not good. I at least want to make the top five!!!! Of course, winning the whole thing would be great, but at least get me to the top five!!

Please vote now.


Go on.

What are you still doing here?

Vote already!


MrsCoach2U said...

Wasn't there something you wanted me to do today????????????

Babs said...

Who knew that baby copperhead would be so famous. Fame is often achieved after death (ha)!

Dave in Ardmore said...

voted but I guess we can only vote once? Was going to try and stack the vote but it was a no go.....

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