Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Whiney Wednesday

I've only been online in small doses today so I haven't had time to whine till now.

Better late than never!

*It's hot.

*It's dry.

*It's summer in Oklahoma.

*Our pool is just plain nasty and I can't really get excited about getting out there and cleaning it.

*While my foot is down to near normal size these days, my middle toes on that foot are now numb. Yet they hurt. Go figure.

*Mr. Diva is in a perpetual state of grumpiness that I fear won't end until either it snows or he gets another job.

*Speaking of jobs, he has a fair shot at a new job, an easier job, making nearly double what he makes now, BUT HE WON'T APPLY. I get very frustrated at this. It's almost like he enjoys being miserable.

*Fruit flies have taken over my house. Yes, the entire house. The kitchen is the worst, but they're in the bathroom, living room and my office. They started in the utility room and have migrated. I have made three different kinds of traps. So far I caught about 20 in the first one, none in the second and one in the third. It's going smashingly.

*Chan fell and busted his chin and the inside of his lower lip today and I feel HORRIBLE about it. He was a trooper and said he was tough, but I still feel like a rotten sitter. When his momma said "He never gets hurt at home" I felt even worse. My kids get hurt all the time - in fact Sam's sporting a black eye right now. Does this mean I'm a horrible, negligent mom/sitter??

*I need a Girls' Night Out.

*My kids have very loud voices tonight. They actually have loud voices all the time, but it's really bothering me tonight.

*I didn't get to work out tonight becasue Mr. Diva's working the late shift this week. That really screws up my workout schedule.

*We are out of groceries and I know that the only way to remedy this is to go to Wal*Mart and buy them. But man, I sure don't want to do that.

*Have I mentioned I need a Girls' Night Out? (Any takers? Girls? Care to rescue a friend in need?)

That's all I care to whine about right now. I think I could get really down tonight if I let myself. So instead, I think I'll just go have a beer and watch The Weather Channel.

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Queen Of Cheese said...

I could use a Girls Night Out me.

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