Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Whining while the whining's good

^ My youngest child is having a really hard time with naps. During the school year when the kids go to bed at 7:45 and get up at 6, naps are bad because we cannot get the child to bed before 11. So during school, no naps. I've been making her take a nap this summer. Yet the last two days she has resisted the nap. A lot. Much resisting. And it makes for a really rotten evening. Talk about whining.

^ I worked out again tonight. Not really whining about it. I did avoid the hand cycle, though. And I feel kinda guilty about it. I rowed a little extra to make up for it, though.

^ If I thought my chest and shoulder hurt before, they hurt a whole lot worse now that I've worked out. To all of those who said, "Oh go work out - it'll make it feel better" : YOU STINK. There I said it.

^ When I got to the wellness center I just signed in and went straight to the treadmill. I set it for 20 minutes and started walking. About 10 minutes in, the trainer came out and said, "Well, Kristin! I wasn't sure I'd see you here again!" Great. Do I have "Quitter" emblazoned on my forehead?

^ The kids and I are going to Tulsa tomorrow. Because, yep, the headgear broke again. I love the dentist, but I'm getting awfully tired of the headgear breaking. Gas is expensive. And it's gotta be taking a toll on that particular molar to have that thing pried off and stuck back on again repeatedly. And he always finds a way to make me feel guilty for it breaking. Grrr.

^ Speaking of gas - yesterday Paul and I filled up our vehicles. We both drive enormous vehicles with enormous gas tanks. It took $65 to fill up his truck and $50 fill up the van. That sucked.

Well, that's about it. I'm going to take some ibuprofen and some herbal sleeping pills and go to bed. Vive la Wednesday!


Hillbilly Mom said...

Way to go, squeezing that extra portion of whine into your Wednesday!

Hey, for once I filled up my ginormous gas tank last week at $1.99 for super unleaded at Casey's, and the next time I looked, it was $2.20. WooHoo! I saved enough for 4 Sonic Cherry Diet Cokes!

Osbasso said...

Hell, we've been paying $2.23-$2.26 for about 4 months now. There's been places under $2.00???

You realize that we're not interested in whining about HNT pics. We just want to see them!!! Good luck!

Queen Of Cheese said...

I put $45.00 in the truck, $25.00 in the boat and do I get to drive and or enjoy either one..NNNNOOOOOO! But I put $5.00 in the lawnmower and suddenly I'm on the damned thing!

Wow, got my own whining in on your blog...I'm good!

Redneck Diva said...

HillbillyMom-Where there's time, there's whining.

My mom said the other day the gas prices were going up and down within minutes all over town. It's crazy. My plan to get out of debt may be foiled by the gas prices.

Osbasso-Rarely under $2 around here. That was a total fluke and I know here, it only lasted about 10 minutes. Go figure.

I realize you don't want to hear the whining, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway. It was late, I was weak. And I'm totally pulling out an extra I took over the 4th of July weekend because I'm still stumped for something to shoot this morning. I knew those'd come in handy when I took 'em!

Mrs.Coach-Funny how that works. The fun stuff you take care of never gets to be used by you. Sucks being a grownup sometimes, doesn't it?

Hey, way to go throwing your whines in here - that was ultra smooth.

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