Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cousin Stacey speaks!

In response to the request for her to answer the meme questions, the famous Cousin Stacey has answered! Glory be! She rocks.

Mrs. Coach....Courtney.......Mom......Mr. Diva.......where's the love, people??

Cousin Stacey says:
What I was doing ten years ago:
Making the transition from vet school to nursing school, by way of my parent's house

Five years ago:
Working in an ICU, trying to get pregnant(not in the ICU though, LOL)

One year ago:
Getting ready to have a meltdown at work

Trying to "save lives by maximizing the potential for organ and tissue donation"

Five snacks I enjoy
*ice cream
*those tasty little crackers (TLC) made by Kashi

Five songs I know all the words to
*Copa Cabana
*Love will keep us together (even knew a couple you didn't,Diva..."Sedakka's baaack")
*The Pina Colada song (yes, I like Pina Coladas)
*and many assorted Jimmy Buffett songs

Five things I would do with $100 million
*Pay off my parents' debt
*Pay off my debt
*Invest very wisely so I could work if I wanted to
*Buy a big house in Hawaii

Five locations I would like to run away to
*Washington, DC
*Rural Oklahoma (like within 15 minutes of the Turtle)

Five bad habits I have
*I pick my cuticles EVERY day ugh just can't stop
*I leave my laundry in the floor
*Don't make my bed
*Feed my emotions not my hunger
*Pick the pimples on my face iew

Five things I like doing
*Swimming (in clear water)
*Sex with orgasms

Five things I would never wear
*A miniskirt
*A bikini
*Boxer shorts
*Spike heels
*A tube top

Five TV shows I like
*CSI (LV, Miami, not so much NY but that's what I said about Miami!)
*Big Brother
*Two and a Half Men
*The OC

Five biggest joys of the moment
*My car because it's clean!!!!!
*Mom and dad
*Mom and Dad's fish pond

Five favorite toys
*The sea doo
*The 4-wheeler Lars is going to buy me
*My laptop
*My car

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Queen Of Cheese said...

I posted it, keep your pants on. I did this one because the other was just too darned long.

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