Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Okay, so today's a memelicious kinda day. Sue me.

(I picked these up from The Incurable Insomniac)

~Bought you a drink: My sister bought me a Sonic Coke on Saturday
~Said you were cute or good-looking: My daughter told me I was beautiful
~Flipped you off: My husband
~Teed you off: The egocentric counsellor at GS Camp
~Rang your doorbell: I'm not even sure our doorbell works. Mom said she hit the button the other day but we never heard it.

~Been arrested? Nope. I've never even gotten a ticket.
~Ridden an elephant or camel? I think I might've ridden an elephant once...seems like I did at a circus or something.
~Eaten escargot? Iew. No.
~Driven a sports car? No.
~Been to Europe? No.
~Been to a shrink? No. Once my parents sent me to the elementary school counsellor and I still haven't figured out why. He asked a lot of stupid questions and made me cry.
~Peed your pants from laughing? Yes. Oh gosh, yes.
~Been on television? I wish.
~Met a famous person? Ray Stevens, Rascal Flatts...I think that's it
~Shoplifted anything? A piece of gum from Wal*Mart and my mom made me take it back and apologize
~Been sincerely frightened for your very life? As silly as it sounds, I had a major panic attack in the St. Louis Arch. I honestly thought that thing was going to go down with me in it. It was awful.
~Sung Karaoke? At home, yeah tons. In public, no.
~Danced in a Cowboy Bar? Hello. I live in Oklahoma.

~Name 2 books you'd take: An NIV Bible and a Thesaurus
~Name 2 CDs: Why? So I can fan myself with them? If I'm on a desert island I can't use 'em anyway, right? Okay, I'll play along: Maroon5 - Songs About Jane and the soundtrack to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
~Name 2 DVDs: Again, this seems so silly... but I'll go with Napoleon Dynamite and Much Ado About Nothing (With Emma Thompson, Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington)
~Name 2 solar-powered gadgets: Uhhhhh....I'll go with CD and DVD player to make the last questions seem less silly.
~Name 2 Toiletries: Moisturizer and Toothpaste
~Name 2 bottled drinks (limitless supply): Water and Coke (Not diet either. If I'm on a dessert island I figure the "diet" part of it will be useless)
~Name 2 sentimental possessions: My teddy bear, Einstein (I slept with him till I got married) and my Band Queen tiara.

~First Car: 1986 gold Chevy Cavalier
~First Best Friend: DeLisa
~First Crush: Brian Highfill
~First Job: I did some miscellaneous secretarial work for the attorney my mom worked for, starting when I was 13. But the first real job I had was in the courtesy booth of a grocery store in Stillwater, OK.
~First Dwelling that wasn't your parents': An apartment in Stillwater with Cyndi
~First Kiss: Like real kiss with tongue and everything was Jeremy Foust when I was 14
~First Computer: A really overpriced and slow-running Gateway in 1999

~Last TV Show: Dragon Tales on PBS (But I dozed through part of it)
~Last Concert: Ugh, Cledus T Judd. Last good concert was Trace Adkins
~Last Ticket: Never have had one
~Last Meal: A turkey and cheese sandwich with homegrown tomato and mustard on white with baked Tostitos and salsa
~Last Card Sent: Christmas cards? I'm not a big card person
~Last Really Great Nap: Sunday after I got home from camp
~Last Trip by Air: When I was 8 - we flew home from Nebraska

~If you could have lunch with a celebrity, who would it be? Trace Adkins. But I don't think I'd eat much because I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off of him.
~What's your favorite article of clothing? My ladybug jamma pants
~Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Lunch
~Red, white, or rosè? Ummm...I guess we're talking wine here? 
~Silk or satin? Iew, silk feels nasty. Satin's hot. Let's go with cotton - the fabric of our lives.
~In a restaurant - Kids or Smoking? Kids
~Cable or Satellite? Satellite
~Cable, DSL or Dial-up? *sigh* Dial-up
~Cat or dog? While I'm awfully attached to my Jakie, I'm not particularly fond of dogs in general. I'd have to say cat if we were making generalizations.
~Beach or mountains? Mountains. I'm not fond of that sand in everything feeling.
~If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Right here
~Country, Contemporary, Traditional, Period, or Thrift Store? Uhhh....sweats?
~For News - Local, Network, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, or The Daily Show? Local
~What would you like engraved on your headstone? "She made us laugh" but more than likely my mother will have it read "I TOLD her she'd end up chopped up in a 55 gallon barrel"

~Slept in your bed: My husband and me
~Made you cry: Out and out cry, my husband. Nearly cry, the trainer at the wellness center.
~You went to the movies with: My kids - we saw The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl in 3D
~Yelled at you: An evil counsellor at [The Camp That Shall Not Be Named]
~Sent you an e-mail: Mom

~Said "I love you" and meant it? Heavens, yes
~Fought? Physically no. Verbally, all the friggin' time.
~Been to New York? Nope, missed that boat when most of the family went.
~Been to Florida? No. But year after next we're goin' to Disney World
~Hawaii? No.
~Mexico? No.
~China? No.
~Canada? No, but I desperately want to go to PEI.
~Danced naked? LOL No.
~Wished you were the opposite sex? No.
~Had an imaginary friend? Yep. His name was Bodie.
~Red or blue? If I'm wearing it, red. If I'm decorating with it, blue.
~Spring or Fall? Fall
~Are you bored? Heck no. I like talking about me.
~Last noise you heard? Sam and Chandler playing karate.
~Last time you went out of the state? We were in Missouri this weekend.
~What book are you reading now? At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon
~Worst feeling in the world? Having a sick kid and not being able to do anything to help them
~What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning? "Stupid alarm clock..."
~How many rings before you answer? I don't answer until the caller makes themselves known on the answering machine.
~Future daughter's name? Jeri Rae
~Future son's name? Nick or Matt, can't decide
~If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? Well, I still dream of being an award-winning author, but realistically, a Pharmacist.
~Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous? Righty
~What's under your bed? Our inflatable camping mattress, boxes of stuff that Mom saved from when I was a kid, killer dust bunnies.
~Current Age? 32
~Siblings? One younger sister
~Location? Miami/Fairland, OK
~Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Yeah, my cabana boy

~Do you do drugs? Nope.
~Who is your best friend? Mom and Sis
~What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use? Thermasilk Extra Body or something like that.
~What are you most scared of? Well, I have my phobias: water, spiders and clowns. But what I'm truly afraid of is something happening to my children.
~What clothes do you sleep in? Jamma pants and a t-shirt
~Who is the last person who called you? My Nana called just a little bit ago, but I was on here.
~Where do you want to get married? Been there, done that in Miami, OK, at NW Baptist Church 12 1/2 years ago.
~What would you change about yourself? My boobs. I am SO getting a boob job.
~Who do you really hate? Anyone who would hurt a child
~Favorite number? 42
~Been In Love? Yep.
~What Type Automobile Do You Drive? 1998 Chevy Astro Van. 
~Are You Timely Or Always Late? Usually early, sometimes late
~Do You Have A Job? I'm a Mom.
~Do You Like Being Around People? Most of the time, yeah. But sometimes I just have to be alone.
~Are you for world peace? Does anyone actually answer this one with "No! I'm for complete and total global DESTRUCTION!! MUAHH HAHAHHAHAHAHAHahahahhahah!!!!"?
~Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with? Oh gosh yes.....
~Have You Ever Cried Over Something Someone of The Opposite Sex Did? Too many times
~Ever Liked a close boy/girl friend? Yes
~Are You Lonely Right Now? Nah. Too many kids in here.
~Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married? Nah, more like afraid I'll stay married, lol.
~Do You Want To Get Married? If this one ends, I doubt I do it again
~Do You Want Kids? I have three, but I' d like one more.

~Room In house: My kitchen
~Type(s) of music: Pop, some Country, R&B
~Memory: The births of all three of the kids
~Day Of The Week: Friday
~Color: Blue
~Perfume/cologne: Fifth Avenue
~Month: January
~Season: Winter

~Cried: No.
~Bought something: Yes. A package of peanut M&M's
~Gotten Sick: No.
~Sang: Yep.
~Said I Love You: Yes
~Wanted 2 tell Sum1 You Loved them: What's with the phoetics?
~Met Someone New: Yes. A simply lovely lady last night. She's a red hatter and had on the most adorable red sequined shoes I've ever seen. She was precious.
~Had A Serious Talk: No.
~Hugged Someone: Yes.
~Kissed Someone: Yes. Abby walked up to me out of the blue yesterday and said, "Can I have a kiss?" I said, "Sis, we're all out. You can have an Oreo." She said, "Nooooo! I want you to kiss me!"
~Fought With Your Parents: No.

~First job: I believe I already answered that one.
~first screen name: kikidoe
~First funeral: A neighbor, Mrs. Barr. I was seven. I didn't cry until I saw her family crying.
~First pet: A beagle named either Katy or Tinkerbell - can't remember which one came first
~First piercing/tattoo: Ears, when I was five. First tat in August 2002
~First credit card: Famous Barr
~First enemy: Hmmm....I don't guess I have any.
~First concert: Garth Brooks at Memorial Hall in Joplin my senior year.
~First musician you remember hearing in your house: Either the Statler Brothers or the Oak Ridge Boys

~Last car ride: To and from the casino last night
~Last library book checked out: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
~Last movie watched: SharkBoy and LavaGirl (I need to get out more)
~Last beverage drank: Coffee
~Last food ate: Yoplait Whips! strawberry yogurt
~Last phone call: Last night I talked to Dana, but I haven't talked on the phone today
~Last time showered: Yesterday after working out
~Last CD played: The soundtrack to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
~Biggest annoyance: Being ignored
~Last soda drank: A Diet Coke that didn't taste quite right
~Last ice cream eaten: Oh gosh....it's been so long......Ben&Jerry's NY Super Fudge Chunk
~Last time scolded: Hmmm....not sure.
~Last shirt worn: The last of my maternity shirts. It's a pink t-shirt that has paint on it and is so threadbare it's probably obscene.
~Last website visited: Google
~Single or taken: Taken

~Sex: No, I have a headache.
~Birthday: January 21
~Sign: Aquarius
~Hair color: Reddish brownish with some blonde thrown in
~Eye color: Mostly green but sometimes blue
~Shoe size: 9 1/2
~Height: 5' 2 1/4"

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