Monday, April 30, 2012

End Of Days

I'm chilling in the recliner on this gloriously cloudy morning and got this crazy, itinerant urge to write. However, I am way too comfy (read: lazy) to get up and get the laptop, so writing in the iPad it is. Which means this will be a short post because typing on this thing makes me a wee bit stabby sometimes.

(By the way, honey, for Mother's Day I would really like a keyboard for the iPad.)

(And some Poppy Flower perfume by Coach.)

(I'll be happy with just the keyboard - I don't want you to have to get a second job just to buy the perfume.)

The kids are down to their last two weeks of school and I am down to my last two weeks of babysitting. I have mixed feelings about all of it.

This is the end of Abby's Freshman year, Sam's 7th grade year and Bug's 4th grade year. This is also their last year of public school. Yes, we are going to be homeschoolers next year -- a thought that both exhilarates, excites and scares the poop right outta me all all the same time. More than anything, the excitement is what reigns supreme - which is good, since having the poop scared out of oneself on a regular basis isn't desirable. For most of us. Who are normal.

About two years ago Paul and I both felt like homeschooling was in our future, but we didn't feel like we were ready to take the plunge. The desire was there, the commitment and confidence were not. We both felt like God wanted us to pray about it, but not act on it. There is currently another issue we feel urged to pray over, but not act in yet as well. Is God looking for obedience? Is He just prepping us? Making the way ready? I have no idea. We felt that way about homeschooling as well -- like that maybe it would never pan out, but yet we prayed. That is hard for me - to feel led one way, but to be told to wait. I'm a bit of a control freak. (Those who know me best are nodding right now.)

And then, what had been obstacles during these past two years of praying were just removed one at a time this year. When one would be taken care of my prayers would ask "Now?" Like a child who wants out of the car on a long road trip, I'd ask, "Are we there yet?" and the answer was still.....wait.

So we did. Then suddenly, there it was.......go.

And we did.

There remains one more "obstacle", which in the grand scheme of things is very minor, and God has given us peace about it - and permission to move ahead. So we are.

This week I will write and deliver the withdrawal letters to both principals and will probably cry when I hand over the one to the elementary principal. (The woman is amazing and worthy of admiration for her relationships with the kids and her constant work in making the elementary succeed.) This is the end of a 10 year relationship with Fairland Public School and of course, there's some sadness. Yet I can't help but get 27 kinds of excited at the same time.

And now that stabby feeling is coming over me because of typing on this minuscule on-screen keyboard and Conner just asked me to play Littlest Pet Shop with him. And since he's only mine for a few more weeks....I'm more than happy to.

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