Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Straight from Fruit Fly Central

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Sunday night we all took our turns going to the Turtle for our free pj party money. Mom, Sis and I left here just a hair after midnight and returned home around 3:30am. They made everyone bring their id's and they personally had to write down our info. It took forEVER! The line was wound around the casino twice. Oy. The boys left as soon as we got back home and got home around 5:30. So that was two nights in a row we got in bed at around 5am. By Monday we were dead. But I walked out of there with $40, so I was happy. Of course, I shared $20 of it with Paul who promptly lost it.


Monday night I attended a Girl Scout Service Unit meeting at our SU director's house. Sherry, the director, is just about one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She and her husband are theatre people and of course, I totally think they rock. (I had her husband as an instructor at NEO - well, until I dropped the class due to exhaustion) We were all sitting around the living room, visiting, just generally having a great time. We talked scouts, we talked kids, we just talked. I really needed the grown-up conversation.

The conversation turned to an upcoming project where the girls make small pins and swap them with other girls, thus calling the event a "swap". Various ones were being passed around the room and everyone was admiring and complimenting. One is called a "friendship knot" or something - anyway it looks like a backwards swastika. Someone said something to the effect of "We don't want anyone thinking we're making Girl Scouts into Nazis". Something like that. Well, I took that as my opportunity to open my big fat mouth and promptly cram in two size nine and a halfs. I said, "Well, as far as I'm concerned, the camp already employs Nazis!" This sparked interest and everyone started asking what happened. I told them the story about some midget, Nazi chick who got all up in my grill and made me take off my 'do rag. April said, "Oh my! Which one was it?" I said, "Ach!! Some little Nazi named Storm!" A collective gasp came from the group and suddenly everyone pointed at Sherry. She looked surprised and I couldn't figure out why. Until she said, "That's my daughter!"

Oh good heavens I think I blushed purple. Fortunately, Sherry is a saint and frankly, everyone thought it was freakin' hilarious. I, however, wanted to die and fall into the nearest hole. It became a joke throughout the evening and honestly if Sherry was offended she didn't show it. After everyone had left, she even asked me to stay for a few minutes. I thought "Well, here it comes - I'm going to be fired from Girl Scouts," but instead she told me she needed my help brainstorming about a recruting thing. Whew. Then she asked me exactly what went down at camp so that she could razz Elizabeth about it the next time she talked to her. From what everyone at the meeting said, Elizabeth's actually a very sweet kid. But Sherry explained that when it comes to Scouts, she's all business. Obviously. I can't wait to meet her outside of camp, when she's not kickin' up a "storm".


Yesterday Sis and I worked out together. That was fun. Then my neighbor, Dana, came in towards the end. The only thing that would've made it an even bigger party would've been if Mrs. Coach had shown up. (Girl, I called and Marilyn said she was going to stick a note on your desk. Then today I read how your youngest tried to maliciously kill you and figured you might have had a headache still.) I rowed nearly a mile yesterday, walked not quite a whole mile, and biked about 3. I was sweatin' like crazy when I left. I had to sit through karate wondering if anyone could smell me.



Last night Paul and I finally got to watch Dodgeball. Oh my gosh, that is a HILARIOUS movie. I was laughing out loud through the whole thing. Of course, I was also gagging and groaning a bit at parts. Truly entertaining


How is it that I can't manage to get to bed before 1am these days? I am tired of being tired. It's my own fault, but for some reason I simply can't manage to get my rear to sleep before at least midnight. Then I get up in the morning at the very latest moment I possibly can before Chandler gets here and sit in a stupor watching cartoons with the kids until 10am. I'm actually a big fan of The Backyardigans now.

It's a bad habit. I've been eeking up the kids' bedtime all this week because we've got roughly 2 1/2 weeks till school starts. I need to start working my bedtime up as well. When school starts I add a baby to my Diva Daycare roster. I've also got to re-babyproof my house. *sigh* I guess that means getting rid of the pet fruit flies as well.


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Queen Of Cheese said...

Sorry about missing the workout, I was still trying to get the stars out of my eyes from my injury.

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