Sunday, July 17, 2005

More nominees!!!

Good heavens, we are a bunch of beautiful women! All these nominees for Miss RSJS are just rockin' the house, ya'll!! Check 'em all out, but come back and vote for the one waving the MasterCard.

The next four (links on the sidebar, too):

Gina from Gina's Rantspot (That girl's got cleavage! And relationship advice!)

Erica from Swirlspice (The Amazing Race??? Did you know I sent an audition tape to The Biggest Loser?)

Robin from A.K.A Binsk (She gets Half-Nekkid, too!)

Lisa from Bacon on the Run (She's married to a monkey - that in itself is damn cool)

Still taking applications from those who want to be paid to vote for me.

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