Friday, July 29, 2005

A good kind of tired

When I got up this morning I just could not get motivated. So I curled up in the recliner, flipped on PBSKids and was soon joined by my two daughters. And it wasn't too long after that I dozed back off. We stayed in that recliner through Clifford AND Dragon Tales and part of Caillou, but I just can't hack that whiney four year old that talks like a freakin' baby so I got up and turned off the TV. Soon after that the rest of the house came to life as well. Some mornings you just can't get moving till you've had a little PBS and a nap.

And while I stayed in my pajamas until noon, it was still a good day. Mom called around 12:30 and said she was heading my way and could I meet her half way with Abby. So I loaded the kids into the van, all of us still in our pj's, and met her at the church.

Today was Abby's day with her Grammy. Sam has gotten a little bit more attention lately what with the mucho karate action goin' on now and I felt like Ab's kind of been neglected. I mentioned to Mom that I'd like to take just her to lunch at the Olive Garden before school started and then the two of us watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Mom said that she'd actually been thinking of taking Ab to Olive Garden, too, but she was going to draw the line at a HP movie. Olive Garden is Ab's favorite place to eat, even though all she ever gets is spaghetti. For some reason, to her it's "fancy". So I relented and let Mom take her there for lunch. I still get the HP movie. Fine by me.

She was excited all morning. She wore her star and rhinestone tank top with a navy skirt, I flat-ironed her hair and she wore her big hoop earrings and chunk heel sandals. The child that I left with my mother today looked a lot older than a nearly 9 year old. *sigh* Sometimes I get really scared when I see just how big my kids are getting.

So I came back here and fixed lunch for the other kids, then got to thinking I hadn't picked up my free indian food this month. Or at least, I thought I hadn't. So a quick call to the magic free cheese place and sure enough, no I hadn't picked up my food. Mrs. Coach took my order and told me to get my rear in to pick it up. When I told her I was still in my pajamas and I'd probably just send Mr. Diva, she said, "Oh just come in in your pajamas. Look, I just read a story about your underwear. There's really nothing left to the imagination." She did have a valid point. But I didn't go to town in my pajamas. Standing in the free cheese line once a month is one thing - doing it in your pajamas is something else entirely.

I also picked up Tater's tots while I was in town. When we got back here to the house we all put on our swimsuits and hit the pool. Well, I did for awhile, but it smelled funny to me so I didn't stay in long. It had been covered for two days and had a stale smell to it. The kids of course, didn't care, but it bothered me. When they got out, I vacuumed it and chlorinated the hell out of it. While I was doing that, Mark the Builder showed up with his two boys and their motorcycles. Mark was going to help Mr. Diva with the sheetrock in the playhouse and the boys were going to take advantage of our 40 acres. So of course, Sam wanted to play, too. All afternoon we watched those boys - two motorcycles and a four wheeler - race all over the field. Sam rode Tater's tots around, which made him feel like hot stuff. He looked so big, yet so little all at the same time. Funny how they do that.

Around 7, when Mark and his boys left, I had one sheetrock-dusty husband, one dusty and sweaty son and a windblown and dusty daughter and I was in no mood to cook, so we went to Pizza Hut. We were sitting there eating and Sam said, "This is almost a family dinner. Except we're missing Abby." That was all it took - Kady teared up and said, "IIIIIIIIIII MIIIIIISSSSSS MYYYYYY SIIIIIISSSSSYYYYYYY!" Oy. But I gave her a quarter and she got a slimy, sticky, ooey gooey thing from the gumball machine and forgot all about ol' sissywhatshername.

We stopped at Mark's house on the way out of town to tell him that we wouldn't be home tomorrow night, so they couldn't work on the playhouse then after all. What was supposed to be my husband just going in by himself to relay the message turned into an hour long visit. Mark showed me their pool, deck, shop, playhouse, den and man, it made me wish my husband was a builder, too. Someday when Mr. Diva grows up I hope he's a carpenter, too.

We got home and put the kids to bed and I just looked in my kitchen and all of the sudden got really tired. The dishwasher needs unloaded and reloaded. All of that free food is sitting on my table waiting to be alphabetized in my pantry. The trash needs taken out. There's also a container of chocolate milk on the counter that has sat there all day and I am trying to decide if it's worth it to open it come morning and wash it, or to just toss it and buy another one. I think it was all of .97 at Wal*Mart. I think I can spare that dollar.

Tomorrow is Sis' birthday. 29. Her last year of being a 20-something. Ha! We're going on the ritual gambling run to collect her free monies. It's just not a birthday around here without the free money Native American gambling run. I can't wait. Not just for the gambling, although I admit I am excited about that. But I am looking forward to a night with the grownups. I might even have another apple-tini. They're not really all that good, but they're so pretty to look at and they're on special at Quapaw Casino this month. Better take advantage of those $2 drinks, especially if they're pretty ones.


Anna said...

Couple of REALLY important things. Really. really.

1. Used to work at the Olive Garden w/my best friend. We all called it the F.O.G. or "the fucking Olive Garden." I NEVER bought groceries while I worked there... soup, salad and bread stix fit all I needed of the major food groups.... Can't say I miss it, but I do understand why kids will view it as "fancy" - and I sure hope it's just kids... really is the Italian Denny's...

2. Noticed one of your favorite movies is Much Ado About Nothing. If it is the one with Denzel Washington in it.... I Love You.

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

They make you pay for drinks at the casino? They get us drunk for free here. Nothing like a bunch of already poor Mississippians in a casino--getting them drunk is hardly necessary.

BTW I love your site's facelift. I've been considering doing one too but can't figure out what it needs, or whether I'm up for re-doing all the links and schtuff.

Redneck Diva said...

Anna-I'll never forget one season of The Bachelor where the chick was just incredulous that the bachelor didn't like Olive Garden. In answer to her question about food he said "Oh yes I like Italian" and she said "Me, too. I LOVE Olive Garden!" and he nearly spit his food across the table. She couldn't figure out why this trust fund baby she was on a date with thought Olive Garden wasn't fine cuisine. But hey, if it makes my 8 year old happy . . .

And yes, it is the one with Denzel. And I love you, too.

Now, I seriously need some hair tips from you, girl. When I saw the pic on your blog from when you were in high school - the blonde Chaka Kahn - it suddenly hit me THAT'S WHAT MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE NOW. Except I'm not blonde. And it's not that long. But you know what I mean. I want my curls to do that ringlet thing like yours. And please don't cut me for asking - I come in peace. :D

Ann-The only thing you can get free in a casino around here is soda. There are a few that still even make you pay for it - we don't go there. One gives away free popcorn and boy, lemme tell ya, we load up on that. My theory is, get us all really drunk for free and we'll spend a lot more money in your casino, Mr. Native American Casino Boss. But no one asked me. Idiots. The lot of them.

As far as the site-lift: Thanks! And if you just change your template you don't have to update your links. They magically stay there. Especially if you let some fancy schmancy web designer do it for you! ;)

Shannon akaMonty said...

Caillou makes me want to put pointy sticks in my ears. Bleh.

And I love the new look! :)

Anna said...

OK - Hair care a 'la Anna. Just so you know I will be working on some directions for you so you too can hate your hair in style.

I will be in touch when my master piece is complete. Don't hold your breathe... I am slow, great work takes time...

You are safe - I will not cut you.

Redneck Diva said...

Anna- Exactly! I'm going to hate my hair not matter what - but yeah, I'd at least like to do it in style. If I'm going to have a 'fro, I at least want it to be a damn good lookin' 'fro.

I will not rush greatness, oh great Anna of Annaland. I stand in awe of you and your wisdom with hair product.

Redneck Diva said...

Monty- AMEN, sister. And the kids just love him. I seriously do not get it.

Queen Of Cheese said...

Thanks for getting dressed! It's the little things in life I am thankful for! I could handle you in pj's, I could make you a list of partifipants whom I could not handle to see in pj's. Without Free Cheese, we would never have formed our friendship, the Cheese God's Have Smiled Upon Us! CHEEZEMEN! (AMEN IN CHEESE LANGUAGE) Ewww....another language for Mr. Diva.

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