Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Since I didn't post my whines last week, I'm doubling up this week:

^ My foot is swollen again.

^ My pool is messed up. Probably so badly that chemicals won't help it. Good thing it's a small pool and it doesn't cost too much when we drain it and refill it. If I had the money for the right chemicals I could probably fix it. But it looks like we'll be draining it.

^ My fingernail polish is chipping.

^ I haven't won anything at the casino in so long I'm starting to think I have angered the ancient Native American casino gods in some way. And I'm fresh out of vestile virgins.

^ I have a plan to completely get us out of debt by next spring, but Paul won't help me put this plan into action. I don' t understand why he doesn't want to be debt free like I want to be debt free.

^ In a mere four weeks I will have not only one babysitting kid, but quite possibly three. This is great because we will literally double our monthly income if I do this. But in exchange for all of this money we'll have, I will have to give up my sanity.

^ In order to prepare for these two new babysitting kids, I am going to have to clean my house and KEEP IT CLEAN. Not to mention I will also have to like, have a routine and stuff. (Don't get me wrong, I love babysitting, but remember this is Whiney Wednesday. I'm just doing my part here, people. I am actually excited about the new babies and a routine and stuff. We've been routine-less too long around here. It's the house cleaning I'm really whining about.)

^ I need to go fix lunch. I don't want to fix lunch. Why can't the kids just skip meals like I do? Okay, so it's not healthy, but it sure cuts down on my time in the kitchen.

^ I have a lot of laundry to do.

^ I am actually looking forward to working out this evening, but I'm seriously dreading the hand cycle. That piece of equipment is an instrument of torture, specially handcrafted for evil by the hands of Satan himself.

^ The playhouse is still not done. The children won't get to play in it before school starts, I guarantee it. THAT makes me mad. It's not a lack of money holding it up either. He just won't do it. Okay, so the lack of money is part of it...but still...I'm still mad over it.

^ Yep, the kids still want lunch. I still don't want to fix it.

^ I really miss Cousin Stacey.

^ I want to be skinny now.

^ I want perky boobs now.

^ If I throw a temper tantrum, I still don't get what I want.

^ My head hurts.

^ I need a hair cut. And color.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Ok, now I have to update my list with "can't remove mental picture from my head over why RedneckDiva's left side of chest hurts!!"

Irish Divinity said...

I don't even begin to want to think of what position would have your left side hurting!!!lol
Do your kids go to school in Wyandotte, Fairland or Miami?

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