Friday, July 15, 2005

A day in the life

Trip to Tulsa went off without a hitch. It always does. Things are always good when we're there. It's two weeks after a visit that things fall to shit and things break. But the dentist told me my kids were cute, so I was happy.

I wore the t-shirt I got at the last 8-man football game. The front has the Quapaw Casino logo on it (they sponsored) and then under that it says "Oklahoma/Nebraska 8 Man All-Star Game".

Dr. K looked at it and said, "What were they playing at the casino?"
I said, "No, the casino sponsored it."
He said, "What? 8-man poker?"
I laughed. He was serious.
I said, "No, 8-man ball."
"Ball? Ball at a casino?"
It was starting to sound like an Abbott and Costello routine.
"Dr. K, Quapaw Casino sponsored an 8-man football game in Miami at a football field, not at a casino."
"Ah. Got it now."

And I trust this man with my childrens' dental and orthodontic needs. God love 'im.


Last night was Open Mat night at the dojo again. Sam fought against some higher ranking belts - of course, he's the lowest ranked one there, so obviously he fought a higher rank. ANYway...he did smashingly. He scored about 4 points in each of the two matches he was in and got lots of encouragement from everyone. The highlight of the night was when he got to spar with Sensei. (Oh what I'd give to spar with Sensei....*pant pant*) He was one happy kid. Mr. Diva even made an appearance, which tickled Sam and I both. Mr. Diva has the tendency to be tired after working 9 and 10 hours a day in a 110 degree garage, so when he makes an appearance anywhere other than in his recliner in the evening, we are ecstatic.

My mother, who is an angel straight from the lofty heights of heaven, gave me $60 to put toward Sam's pads. Yesterday was payday. We paid for pads and his new gi last night. He should have them by Tuesday's class. I will definitely take pictures.


I left the girls at Mom's/Sis' while we were at karate. An hour and a half is too long to listen to them whine, keep them from getting hit with a stray kick and keep them from fighting. When karate was over I picked up my girls and Tater's Tots. The kids were ecstatic. School starts soon and I intend on having as many "flumber" parties as I can fit in before then. Plus I bought a bunch of craft stuff the other day and am dying to see what they concoct from it all.

They have played "school" nearly all morning. I'm thinking I should steer my eldest child in a direction other than education or childcare. They were singing the ABC song awhile ago and when they were done she put her hands on her hips and said, "NOW...*heavy sigh*....THIS time, let's not sing it stupid like a bunch of morons." I'm thinking she needs to be an accountant or a surgeon - something where she doesn't have to deal with a lot of people to people interaction type stuff.

During "naptime" at the "school", she made them all lie down on their blankets. It got really quiet and I was thinking that she'd really figured out how to make them mind (and was hoping she'd give me pointers) when quietly I heard the boys giggling. I listened to see what she'd say. She ignored them. They giggled louder. Then I heard TotTwo stage-whisper, "Something smells like BUTT in here!" She sent him to the office. I am the "Principal". I high-fived him when she wasn't looking.

(Courtney you are going to have so much fun with that youngest Tot this year.)


PhotoBlog to follow this afternoon. Wanna see some pussies?

The cats. The cats and new kittens, you pervs.


Queen Of Cheese said...

I bet Nati could unnerve Abby in a heartbeat...shall we try?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...those kids of yours are a riot.

Hillbilly Mom said...

OK, I laughed out loud at the "stupid bunch of morons." She is only saying what teachers feel like saying by the end of the day. Well, maybe not K-2, but on up.

Once a kid was drawing while I was teaching, and I calmly walked back and took the paper. I set it aside and didn't read it until after school. It said, "Miss ______, the ugly ugly science teacher. So ugly even the dogs don't like her." And the picture was a bit unflattering. I didn't mention it to her, but she quit drawing in class. I guess she showed me!

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