Friday, July 22, 2005

Mmm . . . Chocolate

Sis and I took the kids to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night. It rucking focked, dudes. I, personally, am a die-hard Gene Wilder fan and he will always be the one real true Willie Wonka, but man, Johnny Depp did a great job at as well. Although, there were more than a few times during the movie when I got the willies when I thought that for a moment or two he reminded me of Michael Jackson. *shudder* But all told, I thought it was a great movie and we will be buying it on DVD. Oh yes, the Diva family is going to go all-out, full Monty and we are buying the DVD. You know it's made an impression on me if I do that. No regular, ordinary VHS tape for us, nosiree.

When Charlie open the bar of chocolate to find his golden ticket, my niece, TotOne, shouted out in pure excitement, "HE'S FOUND THE GOLDEN TICKET!!!" Everyone in the theatre laughed. She's also the kid that blurted out in the middle of Brother Bear, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO BROTHER BEAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!" when the little guy fell off a cliff or something. She tends to get a bit wrapped up in her movies.

About halfway through Kady got up out of her chair, grabbed her Sierra Mist and box of Junior Mints and said, "Okay. That's enough Willie Wonka. I'm tired and I want to go home now," in a very Veruca Salt kind of way. I sat her back up in her seat and said, "Sorry, Princess. Mommy's having too much fun. Now sit down and have more chocolate."

After the movie I asked all of the kids which one they liked better - old or new. All 5 very loudly proclaimed that the new one was best. I was a bit disappointed in that, because I've raised those kids on the original, but hey the new one does have less freaky looking Oompa Loompas. Albeit they are still freaky looking, but in less of a green-haired, dwarvish looking way. I gotta give it that. When we were in the bathroom after the movie we were discussing the best parts and Abby said, "Well, I just wanna know where they got that many Oompa Loompas that look just alike!!" Then we had a discussion about computer graphics and effects. I felt like I ruined a bit of magic with that, but I know her well enough that she'd never have been satisfied with a theory like a rather large family had auditoned for the Oompa Loompas. Sam would've, but not Abby.

My favorite line in the original movie is when Violet's dad watches his daughter turn into a blueberry and exclaims, "Violet! You're turning violet, Violet!" That has always cracked me up for some reason. They left off the last "Violet" in the new one, so I was a bit disappointed and embarrassed as I was quoting along and said the word "Violet" on my own to the entire theatre. Sam liked the part where Willie Wonka says to Veruca, "Don't touch that squirrel's nuts!" He cackled like a loon. But then again, we all know how Sam feels about his nuts.

After the movie everyone came back here and we played PS2 for awhile. We started out with Polar Express, but Sis said it was a baby game and was too easy. I leaned over and said, "Uhhh, yeah. It's kind of made for kids." Then we played Eve of Destruction and ran over each other with school buses. That was awesome.


Tonight is the last night of Wal*Mart week at Quapaw Casino. All week long Mr. Diva's been going out there on his lunch hour and playing BlackJack and the slots. He's actually made some money, so it's a good thing. Tonight they are doing some pick a pot thing and then at 10:00 there's a $500 drawing just for Wal*Mart associates. We are so going to be there.


Have a good weekend, y'all! And don't forget to vote here or here for Miss RSJS!

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