Thursday, July 21, 2005

Nominees running out our ears

Sam, did you have any idea when you started this just exactly what you were doing?? You've started something pretty damn cool, dude.


Laura of The Artful Blogger (She has a cherub for a daughter!)

Paige of The Wench's Brothel (Paige is simply a love and WHAT a writer!!)

Karen of karbonkountymoos (My dear BlogSister. She calls me her very own doppleganger!)

Pammie from ThE EmAnCiPaTiOn oF pAmMie (Whew! Just that creative spelling has to mean she's got something cool to say!)


Voting begins after midnight tonight!!

1 comment:

Sam said...

I'm glad I did this. I feel good knowing that I can get more blogs exposure this way, even though I know I ain't a superstar in this thing. I just want to see my fellow bloggers bask in the sun once in awhile.

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