Friday, July 08, 2005

This should be interesting

I realize I haven't done a Phreakin' Photoblog PHwhateverdayoftheweekIdoit in awhile. What with bein' sick and all, it just hasn't been a huge priority.

But today....ah today, friends you are going to get a treat deluxe. I just turned my children loose with my digital camera. Whatever they take pictures of - and they have taken a lot of pictures - is going to be photoblogged today.

Stay tuned for that. I'm sure you'll be impressed. I, however, am a bit trepiditious. They hollered my name awhile ago and when I turned around, they snapped a pic and then all laughed like loons. Yeah.


In the meantime I'll share with you the Diva family, SouthPark style. I found the link at Os' site and have had quite a bit of fun with it.

First, Mr. Diva -

A fairly accurate representation, I gotta say.

Now, Miss Abby -

She said she'd kill me if I posted the one with the headgear. Heehee

And Sam -

Na na na na na na na na - Bat Sam!!

Kady Princess -

Lookin' all cute and innocent.

And finally, your Diva -

I don't actually wear pearls, but it's only because I don't have any. Don't you think a strand of pearls would go with sweats?


Anonymous said...

I did the South Park thing yesterday too! Funny how Paul and I both ended up in a camo shirt! I couldn't figure out how to post it though. I think mine is lost somewhere in cyberspace. I think mine turned out fairly accurate as well. It was not nearly as close as what's-his-name with the beer and hawaiian shirt!


Redneck Diva said...

If you've got Paint on your computer I can walk you through how to save it. If it's that important to you, lol.

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