Thursday, July 28, 2005

Update and reminder

It's after 4 in the afternoon. What have we accomplished on the playhouse today?

Mr. Diva started hanging the last of the insulation so we can start on the walls after we start on the ceiling. I guess he was tired of me standing in the middle of the floor asking what I could do, so he handed me a stapler and said, "Here. Staple the insulation to the studs. Like this." This man is a mechanic. He has such amazing arm and hand strength that he can put the cap back on the oil filters of cars so tightly that he's the only one that can get them off. I feel sorry for those guys when one of his cars comes in on his days off! So he made the stapling look pretty easy.

Now I'm not a total wuss, but I'm also no mechanic with freakishly strong arms. So when it not only took me standing on my tiptoes to reach parts of the insulation, but then it took me two hands to staple it, this really frustrated him. He sighed very dramatically and said, "Oh fine, I'll just do it. Go on." I wasn't complaining, whining or griping or anything! I was just trying to find out the best way for my vertically-challenged self to (oh here I go again) git 'r done. He and I just do not work well together. He sent me in to make lunch. I guess he knows where my talent lies.

Now all of the insulation is in and stapled to the studs. He is currently on a sheet-rock and 2 x something buying mission. After me just not leaving it the hell alone, he is now going to have to cut up one section of floor because it's not properly supported. It's right inside the door, right where everyone's feet automatically hit with that first step. It's not going to take long for that to just wear right through. We paid good money for that flooring and it's going to be quite an undertaking to put it down and I have no intention of re-doing it down the road. So he finally agreed with me and we're fixing it. I'm not Diva the Builder, but I got me some smarts.

I am just one of these people that when I have something to do and a limited amount of time to do it in, I work with everything in me to get it done. (I skipped the redneck colloquialism this time. It gets redundant over time, methinks.) That's just the way I am. Mr. Diva is not like this. We worked for 45 minutes then took an hour lunch. Then we worked for another 45 minutes then came in to cool off because the insulation was sticking to our sweat and that is a bad, bad thing. So what I thought was going to be a 15 minute cool-off, turned into watching the entire movie, Babe, with the kids. Now it's after 4 and THE PLAYHOUSE IS REALLY NO CLOSER TO BEING DONE!!!!!!!!!! Where are the unsharpened pencils? I feel the need to shove a few into my eyeballs.

I love him, but sometimes . . . sometimes I just don't understand him.


And now the reminder portion of this post:

It is time to vote for Miss RSJS once again.

Please do take the time to vote for your favorite finalist (ahem). She would be oh so appreciative (loud cough). All 5 are amazing women, but there can only be (clears throat) one Miss RSJS. So vote. Please. Mmmkay?

You can do it here or here.
You can't do it just anywhere.
We hope you vote for your favorite girl.
Remember the she-pirate with lots of curl.

She will love you, yes she will.
She will love you up a hill.
She will love you till she dies.
She will love you even after a pig flies.

You should go vote for Miss RSJS
You should go vote - Uhhhh . . . yes yes yes!!

Vote often.
Vote well.
Remember, today was payday so I have paid MasterCard. They should quit denying me by 5pm.


Anonymous said...

WOW! And that is about all I can say. Wow! I love the new look.

The Small Town Starlit

Unknown said...

WHOA! Now this is nice! Man, if I can find me a new template like this, I'd be a happy man! Congrats!

Politically Homeless said...

Voting done and I love the new look!

D said...

long time poster! *L* Love the new look! I think it suits you!

Hillbilly Mom said...

You've really spruced up around the old blog. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. And now I'm off to vote. Again.

Redneck Diva said...

Courtney-It's GREAT isn't it? Oh wait till you hear the story - it makes it even better.

Sam-Hey, I'm a happy girl tonight. When I checked my mail and saw everyone saying how good it looked around here it took me a few minutes to realize my new template was installed! I am SO happy with it!

Brian-Thank you and thank you!

Srapper-Welcome and thank you!

HillbillyMom-Thanks! The designer did such a good job - I couldn't be happier!! And thanks for the diligent voting! Did that MasterCard payment go through for ya okay? ;)

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