Wednesday, July 27, 2005

10 minutes left to whine

Totally taking advantage of the last little bit of allowed whining.

*My face is so broken out I feel like I should be wearing braces and recording songs off the radio with my jam box. It's not fair that I am 32 years old and am still plagued with zits.

*My head quit hurting for about 6 hours. Now it hurts again.

*I washed pots and pans this afternoon (Why did I buy the kind you can't put in the dishwasher?) then turned around and made dinner and now have all the same pots and pans to wash again.

*I just took my shoes off about an hour ago and already my foot hurts. I guess I will just have to wear shoes 24/7 for the rest of my life to keep from being in pain. That's gonna suck. So much for that tattoo on my foot.

*I am tired, but my sister and her husband haven't picked up their kids yet and I can't just go off to bed, knowing they'll be here (hopefully) shortly.

*Tomorrow is payday - which is normally cause for much jubiliation for the folks at Discover Card and Sears Financial because they finally get some money - but pretty much all of it is going toward bills. Namely Discover and Sears.

*While it's great that we've finally nailed down a fairly definitive time to be completely and 100% out of debt, sadly that time is not tomorrow.

Whew! Finished with 3 minutes to spare!


Rebecca said...

Hi Ms Diva,
You may have three minutes left, but we will waste them with you reading pointless comments.
Hey look at that goat over there!

~ A P R I L ~ said...

I share your grief on the pots and pans not being dishwasher friendly, why did I do that... I remember, they were cheaper, dh promised to wash them and now I have to bribe him with sex. Damn, I think I need new pots and pans! WHOOO HOOOOOO!!
Oh, BTW, when you get yourself out of debt, lemme know, then you'll be free and clear to get ME outta debt! HAAAAAAAA!

Queen Of Cheese said...

Good luck on the debt thing. I've decided I'm not even gonna try, I kind of like the phone calls, it's nice to hear new languages once in a while!

Redneck Diva said...

Rebecca- Some days you just have to whine up till the very last minute. Whiney Wednesday is so cathartic for me.

April-When I bought my stupid pans I was selling Pampered Chef and I had a big ol' discount so my mom got them for me for Christmas one year. And don't get me wrong, they are great cookware but somedays I'd just like to shove them all in the dishwasher, warranty be damned.

Hey, we have sold so many things to get ourselves out of debt, the kids were even fearing that they were next! We have no credit cards now - NONE - and will never have any again. We pay cash for virtually everything. It's been hard to change our habits, but SO worth it to own our home and a rent house and be debt free shortly after we turn 33 and 43.

And the kids aren't out of the woods yet. :D

MrsCoach-I kid you not, when Paul read your comment he got so tickled he couldn't talk. I haven't seen him get that tickled in a long time!! Since then, I've caught him just chuckling out of the blue and say "new languages" and shake his head.

How's it feel to know you've entertained a redneck today?

Redneck Diva said...

I guess I should clarify - while there are still hefty balances on the credit card accounts, the actual credit cards themselves are no more. Gone. Finit. Hasta la vista, credito. We'll never have another demon piece of swipey plastic in this house again.

Queen Of Cheese said...

Glad I could be of service. AHGKANDA! (say it really really fast with a snotty accent and lots of background noise for effect). Or, " I thank you" in some language I've heard lately. I think, I was too busy trying not to tell the person to learn English to pay attention to the actual pronunciation. Or maybe they just sneezed, who knows.

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