Thursday, July 07, 2005

What, no whining?

Yesterday was Whiney Wednesday and I had nothing really to whine about. I felt better, my kids felt better, no one was pooping or puking uncontrollably, so I felt like whining at that point would be downright rude.

Jill didn't bring Chandler again because I still needed to disinfect the house and she wanted to make darn sure the bug was really gone this time. So since we didn't have to get up to greet them, once Mr. Diva's alarm went off I turned that sucker off and fell back to sleep. We slept till nearly 9. That was kinda nice.

All four of us hung out in our pj's all day long. They watched cartoons till they got tired of them, then turned off the TV and played "family". I messed around out here on the computer till I got tired of it, but I didn't turn it off or quit, I just kept on going. I Googled my name - and my maiden name - that's how long I was on the 'net yesterday. I didn't feel like blogging for some reason, so I didn't. I read lots of them, though. Instead of being an active participant yesterday, I was just an interested observer. The voyeur in me was out en force, I guess.

Mr. Diva got home late due to a really bad wreck on the highway close by. He waited 45 minutes for them to clear the road. And even after that, he was in a fairly good mood. Even coming home to find his wife in her pajamas and his children running amuck in their underwear didn't make him cranky. I had caught up the laundry yesterday and had dinner going, so I guess finding us in our pj's was alright since there was clean underwear in his drawer and food cooking on the stove.

After dinner I came back out here to the computer to look up prices on pellet stoves, our next major purchase. We've heard nothing but good about them and with Kady's asthma we're ready to try anything that's cleaner and cheaper and less hassle. The searches turned up really nothing, so we're just going to have to actually go shopping. Phhtttttht.

The kids had gone outside to play, leaving the two grownups in the house, enjoying the quiet. Then the three of them burst through the front door and began begging us to go 4-wheeler riding. So we did. I actually got out of my pajamas to do it even. We rode a lot further than we usually do, taking some less visible trails through the woods. We scared up a group of deer and the kids thought that was totally awesome and cool and "Oh wow, can we do that AGAIN?" After taking the trails we headed back up towards the house, but instead of pulling in, we kept going. We rode the mile past our house, almost to the highway when we saw our neighbors out in their yard, along with Abby's second grade teacher. We wheeled in there to visit with them for 30 minutes or so. Tony works with Mr. Diva and Mrs. Tina is the one and only from Small Town Starlit fame. We're neighbors, a mile apart, yet we never stop in to visit. We need to do that more often. Tony asked me if I knew how to fry squash and when Mr. Diva started nodding rather enthusiastically, he asked if I'd come up some night and show him how. Mmmmm....fried squash.....I bet the Points on that are over the moon.

We rode home as it was starting to get dark enough for headlights. I put the kids in the shower and then we all settled in in the living room to watch The Dukes of Hazzard. It was one with Coy and Vance, not Bo and Luke, so I was obviously unimpressed, but the kids liked it. They haven't seen enough Dukes of Hazzard to know who the best Duke boys are, I guess.

While we watched the trials and tribulations of the Duke clan and the escapades of Roscoe P. Coltrane, I braided Abby's hair. In little braids all over. Not cornrows, but still tight enough and small enough that they stay in for a week or so. Kady's have been in for nearly a week now and are just now getting fuzzy. I've washed them twice, too. I'm hoping Ab's will stay in till after camp this weekend.

Yep, Saturday morning Ab and I leave for Mom/Daughter camp. It's just an overnight camp, but a big deal to her, nonetheless. I'm obviously either excited, nervous or scared shitless because I've had at least one dream a night about camp. Either they're replay dreams like when I was a kid at camp, or they're about me being an adult and not having any fun. I really am excited, but I guess I'm nervous at the same time. My experiences at scout camp weren't the greatest and I'd like to have this weekend bolster my faith in the camp itself. I can't say the experiences were bad, just not super wonderful awesome. I want camp to be fun for my girls. Abby's nervous, but excited, too. Sis and TotOne sent in their applications with another mom/daughter couple, Melissa and Riley, from our troop. Sis and Melissa are good friends so it was only natural they go together. That leaves Ab and I alone, but really that's okay. I think that will actually make it more fun. I'm a bit of a chatterbox (No really, you say?) and I think being thrown in with a bunch of moms and girls we don't know will allow Abby and I to step out of the ol' comfort zone and join right on in. Here's hoping.

So, instead of my usual Wednesday whining, I leave you on Thursday morning with a rundown of what's gone on to make me UN-whiney! How rare. It's kind of nice actually.

Okay, one gratuitous whine: My nose won't stop running and I can't quit sneezing!!!!!

Don't forget it's Half-Nekkid Thursday! Check out Os' homepage to find the participants this week. You can entertain yourself quite awhile just checking out all the half-nekkid folks on Thursday! This week we had a theme, too!


Heather said...

Where's the whining?? Man...

Redneck Diva said...

When you've had various members of the family puking and pooping for over a week, when it finally stops you don't dare whine for fear you'll get hit with something worse!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyone is better! I hated GS camp! You might remember, as I wrote letters to everyone in the free world begging them to come get me! I'm sure a "Mom/Daughter" weekend will be much better than the regular camp.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Check w/ Mr. Coach, ya know he does that kind of thing on the side. (Pellet heater) That Heating & Air license is actually more beneficial these days than the teaching license!

Redneck Diva said...

Courtney- Yes, I remember how much you hated GS camp and I still feel bad about it since I talked it up all big and stuff. Sometimes I wonder how I live with myself.

I just realized today, now that I'm an adult, if we get a counsellor that hates me, I'll just kick her ass. One of the perks of being a badass, tattooed grownup at camp!

Mrs.Coach-You don't say...So does he sell 'em or just install 'em? 'Cuz if he can get us a cheaper one that the internet seems to be offering we will gladly fork over the cash!! We'll even pay him in snakes! Or money...whichever you

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