Saturday, July 09, 2005

Well, kiddie-o's

I'm off!

At least that's what they say. Heehee

It's 1am, I just cleaned my kitchen, I haven't packed a thing, I'm incredibly tired and I lost $20 at the casino.

And on the way home from the casino my sister and I started talking about our GS camp memories and both of us realized that we may just not be cut out for camp now that we're old. We'll have to use LATRINES, people. Holes in the ground full of poo and pee and lizards. Not only are we going to not enjoy this, but our daughters are going to freak the hell out. I am SO taking my camera. I gotta get a shot of them coming out of the lat the first time.

The friendly folks at DishNetwork called this evening and left a message telling me I needed to pay my bill or they were going to cut me off. They also told me that they'd be there all night. How helpful of them to hang around until I got in from the casino. So I called the handy 800 number and they were going to charge me $9.99 to pay my bill over the phone. Screw that. So I punched a different series of numbers and got to talk to a super nice gal who told me that I could avoid that charge by paying online. Like I always do. So I came out here to pay it and their billing system is down. If I don't pay this bill my husband and son will be without TV while we are livin' it up in the woods. They will not be happy about this. I may just try again in the morning. I don't have much steam left to stay up and try repeatedly. *sigh*

Leave me lots of comments over the weekend - or better yet, EMAIL - so I will feel loved and special and super cool. Because that's what it's all about. It's not the Hokey Pokey - it's about making me feel loved. Really. Seriously. Would I lie to you?

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Hillbilly Mom said...

A latrine? I don't think I could do that.
Though I did pee at the bottom of a concrete stairwell at the St. Louis Strassenfest many years ago. Hey! I wasn't the only one!

Queen Of Cheese said...

Latrines are why I go to the lake, just swim off by yourself a little and wahlah your relieved. Just kidding, never got in the water this weekend....people pee in there!!!

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