Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mi familia

Last night my mother acknowleged my blogging. I nearly cried.

See, Mom has this sincere belief that because of blogging and the perilous internet in which I traipse about wearing untied shoes and carrying sharp scissors all day long, that I will subsequently end up dead, chopped up and stuffed into a 55 gallon barrel. (Hillbilly Mom has nightmares about this now.)

Mom believes that blogging is evil. And at first this hurt my feelings - the thought that there was actually something in my life that my mother didn't approve of. (Well, okay, blogging AND the tattoos . . . so that's two somethings.) But as time went on I realized that it wasn't just Mom - pretty much the whole family thinks I'm a loony for writing about my life on the internet and mentioning such things as Really Loud The Kids Are Out Of The House Sex and my fruit fly problem and the fact that some days I don't get out of my pajamas at all.

And I'm okay with the fact that they think I'm nuts. I kind of like it that way.

But last night, Mom and I were just visiting while the kids played and I off-handedly said, "Oh, by the way, I know you probably really don't care, but I made it into the top five in that beauty pageant." She said, "Oh yeah, the ladies in the LRC (fancy college name for the library) have been reading you. They think you're hilarious. Sloane told me she thinks you're talented." I was stunned. Not only was she acknowledging the fact that I write, but she was also admitting that someone else thinks I might have talent!

Before I go further: HEY LRC LADIES!! Thanks, Jennifer, for reading me and laughing so loud that the others had to see what was so entertaining.

That was pretty much the gist of the conversation. She visited with me about blogging awhile, but she really had little to say about it. Hey, baby steps. I'm not expecting her to go out and get her own or anything, nor do I expect her to start reading me. I'll take the occasional acknowlegement and be happy. There are so many other things in my life that Mom is proud of me for that if she holds out on the blogging approval, I can give her that.

When the kids and I were ready to go later, I hugged her and thanked her for the Diet Coke, paper towels and trash bags she had bought me (My gosh, that woman is such a lifesaver). I said, "I love you, Mom." She said, "I love you, too, my little redneck diva."

Man, that was good.


I was telling Sis last night that soon my blog will take on a new look. I have a new template design coming and was telling her what it looks like. Without spoiling it for y'all before it gets here, I can at least say that the likeness is well, not my likeness. Sis was listening to my description and when I was done said, "You realize you are going to have to put a disclaimer on there that says 'This is not me. Please do not stalk me. I do not look like this.'" I laughed and said, "Nah, I don't think a disclaimer is necessary because right under the picture of the hottie is a picture of me doing this:"

"so, yeah, I think they'll figure out which one's the real me pretty quick."

She said, "Oh okay. So you should have no problem with stalkers then."


JHGagle said...

great've become one of my daily reads as well...and by the way, I finally got my questions and answers posted from you. Catch ya tomorrow,

Hillbilly Mom said...

I am glad yo' mamma approves of your blog. HH tells me I am wasting too much time on mine. My Hillbilly Mama just got a computer, because my #1 son GAVE it to her when he got a new one. Now I can't tell the really interesting things about this trainwreck that is my life. But I'll do my best in PG style. I need to start a double-secret tell-all blog, but I'm sure my son could find it quicker than a stranger can chop me up and stuff me in a 55-gallon barrel.

I always enjoy reading about your redneck rituals. You are definitely in my top 3 daily blogs. You all kind of switch places depending on who is up to what. Doesn't the voting start tonight in your contest? I will do my best to support you, now that a little turkey told me a secret.

Bert Ford said...

It's great to get approval from others, especially those you love & respect. But, you make your own happiness. Be who/what you are. Do what makes you happy. Approval is just gravy. Congrats. Of course, this could be bullshit. I was raised by Sesame St. C is for cookie, that's good enough for me.
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me. Although, Politically, I'm more an Oscar constituent.

Anonymous said...

You know Kristin, I'm glad that you are getting that new template and all. I wish I can find one for me that fits me well. And, corgrats on getting in the top five.

It's the photo.

Ever since I put it up on my own page, it feels like you are mocking me. Don't get me wrong...It's ther perfect picture for this crazy thing, but now it haunts me so.

Dang you, woman....Dang you.

Politically Homeless said...

I agree with the library ladies. You are a talented writer and a lot of fun to read.

Good luck in that beauty contest thing. I'll jump right in there to help a fellow Okie again. :)

Queen Of Cheese said...

Your mother reaches far and wide. When Coach was gone Tuesday night, it hit me about midnight I had blogged about him being gone. I sat the duct tape and a gag on the table for whoever was gonna put me in a 55 gallon drum. I didn't want to be killed with a nasty gag and bad tape.

Redneck Diva said...

Jonathan-Thanks for making me a part of your daily reading! I'm flattered beyond belief. And yes, I read your questions and laughed out loud!!! "SOMEONE has some issues!" CRACKED me up!! We used to ask everybody that question when we were kids. Our teachers were genuinely concerned for us.

Sam(thegirl)-ME? I'm your favorite redneck? Ooh I think I just tinkled a little.

HillbillyMom-I'm glad to know I'm in your top three! That gives me a warm fuzzy! I can't go without a daily dose of hillbilly as well! Of course, I did miss the last WWRND question but I swear I'm going to be a better redneck this time! This 55 gallon barrel joke is just too much! Now it's a catchphrase for everything here at my house, lol.

Kristine-Thank you!! Yes, sometimes we just need that momma validation. There's nothing like it. So glad you're back from your trip - the stories and pictures are amazing.

Bert Ford-Ya know, I've blogged this long without Mom's approval and blessing and it hasn't stopped me yet, but there is just something about knowing that the people you love are supporting what you do. I mean, I keep getting tattoos and Mom really doesn't like that! I'll keep blogging as well.

Oscar constituent eh? I've always been partial to Snuffy. But then again, I grew up Southern Baptist and we have a tendency to pretend things aren't really there or as big as they really are - so Snuffy's former disappearing act I can relate to.

Btw, walleysblog is too much. I can't read it with a full bladder.

Sam(theguy)-I'm not mocking you, per se, I'm just making sure you remember me. That's all. Wanna make an impression. It's what we divas do.

My husband was reading comments with me this morning and he said, "THIS is the picture that people all over the world are seeing? THIS is what is making you famous? Shit, I'm married to a famous crazy she-pirate." I said, "Eh, only moderately famous, but yeah, you're married to it."

Brian-Considering what a talented writer you are, I take that as a compliment. And thanks for the votes! Any and all are appreciated!

MrsCoach-ROFL My mother has no clue how profound her 55 gallon drum threats have become. Someday I will tell her. She'll be so embarrassed. She's become surrogate mother to bloggers everywhere, reminding us all to be careful.

Queen Of Cheese said...

I saw her in Wal-Mart and thought I'd ask her "So, did you know Diva Family fixed the back window on the house and that damned duck quacks when you try to go through the window when they are all fast alseep under a full moon" But thought I'd freak her out a little too much. Mom's are great to mess with!

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