Monday, July 25, 2005


To all of those who placed your votes for li'l ol' me -




You will never know how much it means to me that you all voted the heck outta me and got into the top five. Voting for the winner starts Wednesday night at midnight.

Oh and btw, I hope y'all are bookmarking and reading Sam as well! He's a great blogger. And while I'm not a big comic book fan like he is, I do find his posts about celebrities and little bits and pieces of trivia absolutely interesting. I have shared several with my mother (who is a die-hard hater or all things blog) and she even likes him! So Sam, buddy, if my momma likes you, you know you are liked, indeed!!


My mother in law dropped by this morning and brought the kids some grapes and cantaloupe. She's funny like that. She'll just show up sometimes with bags and bags of food. I used to get offended, thinking she thought I didn't feed the kids and her son properly or something. I'm over that now - heck, it's free food. Actually, I think she just remembers what it's like to have mouths to feed and sometimes you can't buy them everything they want. She helps out a lot. But sometimes she cracks me up with the buying of the food. So today's bags held about six pounds of grapes and two cantaloupes. The kids were ecstatic. So was I. They are low Points and they get me closer to my 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day.

I was a little less than ecstatic, though, when I saw her bring in the dozen and a half of donuts. Oh yes, she stopped and bought 18 fresh, yummy, delicious, glazed donuts this morning and then brought them into my house. My house that is devoid of junk food now. I love that woman to pieces, but I could've choked her this morning! I know I stared at them the entire time we visited. I couldn't help it! Pastries are my downfall. If it's bread and sweet and quite possibly deep-fried, I am SO all over it. And really the kids were okay without the donuts. I took them to the donut shop last week, so they were all caught up on their donut quota for awhile.

I felt like White Goodman in Dodgeball with the food he was taunting himself with. Of course, I did NOT - I repeat, DID NOT - attach electrical cables to my nipples NOR did I stuff a donut at any time down my pants, but I could totally relate to the wanting to eat the food you know is really bad for you.


Irish Divinity said...

So, I have to know what you did with the donuts?

Redneck Diva said...

They are sitting on my dining room table, taunting me. Every time I walk by, my stomach growls.

I'm wondering how many Points I'd have to charge myself if I just licked them?


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