Sunday, July 17, 2005

The things I do for Mr. Diva

Not only did I give up the nookie last night while the kids were out - even though I felt like shit and it wasn't the usual loud, boisterous nookie on such an occasion - but I am going to make him a peach pie. Have I ever made a peach pie? Nope. Never.

I had to call my mom to find out if you can use canned peaches and she assures me that it's possible. She says her Betty Crocker cookbook has a specific recipe for using canned peaches, but mine doesn't. She said something about a thickening agent . . . gosh, I think I used all the cornstarch when we made Goop . . . Elmer's glue might work . . . right?

Anyone for pie?


Mr. Diva and I watched a really good movie this afternoon. The Lover was originally a book by Marguerite Duras, but was made into a movie in 1992. I'd never heard of it before, but now I cannot wait to read the book. The movie was erotic and sensual and even though I warned Mr. Diva that it might not be up his alley, he stayed awake through the whole thing. When it was over, I let out a deep sigh and said, "Ohhh, that was just so good! Did you like it?" He replied, "Yep. There was enough nekkidness to keep me awake." Okay, so there were some sex scenes, but they were erotic, not porn. Geez.

We are so going to the library tomorrow so I can check it out. Hot, dry Oklahoma summer and soft porn erotic novels - life is good.


We went 4-wheeler riding this evening, but cut it short when we all got choked up on the massive dust storm we kicked up. Yikes, it's dry out there. Last time we rode there were big trail-wide puddles to ride through and fling mud on your passengers and co-riders. Now they are just deeply rutted holes in the trails. Even PooPoo Lagoon (As Ab so appropriately named it) didn't smell because it had dried up.

Maybe instead of The Lover or The Half-Blood Prince, I should read The Grapes of Wrath.

Gotta love summer in Oklahoma.


The fam's comin' over for our weekly Sunday night get-together. Then it's off to the Pajama Party at The Turtle!! Whoo hoo!! Once school starts we won't go anymore, but for now we're having a friggin' blast. I hope I win enough to buy the new Harry Potter book . . .


Is it wrong to want to drug your youngest, nap-resistant child with massive amounts of Benadryl?

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Queen Of Cheese said...

Wrong to use Benadryl??? Course not, but if they get Benadryl intolerant try Dramamine. My Aunt gave Natalie one the other day when she got car sick and she asked her at the lake if she had anymore "magic pills" cause she so needed a nap. Now that's effective, when the kid asks for the pill so she can sleep.

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