Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Whiney Wednesday

It's 10pm and I'm just now finding time to whine. You know you're busy when you don't have time to whine.

* Cousin Stacey is sad and I don't know what to do to help her. I hate not being able to fix things, especially for people I love as much as I love her.

* Sis is under a lot of stress and bullshit these days and I can't fix her either. So is Mom. Three of the people I love the most are hurting and I can't make it better. I feel pretty helpless.

* My step-grandma is totally cuckoo on her meds right now and it's causing a HUGE strain on my Papa. She and Papa live next to Mom (and Sis for now) and she's calling all of us all the time, but more often them because they're close, and she's scared she has Alzheimer's. She doesn't have Alzheimer's - she's just on too many meds and the wrong ones at that. Too many doctors giving her too many pills.

* I may or may not have a demolition derby car, but the thing is I may or MAY NOT have it. I have no clue when I'll find out either. It's driving me nuts. What I need to be doing it fixing up the mystery car, but I'M NOT EVEN SURE I HAVE IT YET!!!!!!!!!

* I have had a headache all day. It was bad this morning, but it's down to a dull throb in my left temple now.

* I miss Cousin Stacey.

* I cooked a big ol' dinner for the fam tonight - breakfast for dinner complete with sausage gravy, eggs, homemade biscuits, pancakes - and now I'm going to have to hand-wash all the damn pots and pans. Now I remember why I don't cook too often. Damn expensive cookware.

* I haven't won anything gambling in a long time. It's totally not fair. When's it gonna be my turn again?

* I need to shave my legs. I was sitting in the floor playing with Cute Baby today and he'd rub my leg, then make a face, rub it again and shiver. It was funny. Sad funny. I hate to shave.

* I went barefoot all day today and I just know I'm going to pay for it tomorrow. My foot is going to hurt like a bitch.

* I didn't sleep good last night because Mr. Diva kept trying to molest me. He didn't try while I was awake. Oh no, he waited till I was good and asleep. I hate when he does that. I do NOT handle being woke up like that well at all, so of course he never actually gets lucky when he tries, but the thing is, he keeps thinking he will and then I don't sleep good the rest of the night because the dude just can't get a clue. Even when I kick him with my boot.

* I need to mop the kitchen floor. I hate mopping the kitchen floor. It sucks.


~ A P R I L ~ said...

I haven't won squat at the casinos either sister.

Maybe we should have some cheese to go with our whine?

Queen Of Cheese said...

I HATE to be touched when I'm sleeping. Drives me crazy. You'd think after 10 years he'd learn! Sorry about the helpless feeling with your loved ones. My Grandma was on LOTS of meds too. My sister and I wrote them all down and took them to a doctor WE trusted and he fixed it. Sometimes they don't know what another is giving and it takes informing them for them to understand what's going on. My Grandma had a stroke before we took charge.

Redneck Diva said...

April- I'll bring the cheese. It's free ya know. ;)

Mrs.Coach-I am just not much of a snuggler. The occasional roll over and spoon me is okay, but when it's time for serious sleeping LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!

Last night Heather and I were looking up GG's meds on the internet and writing down the drug interactions and side effects. She's got one MD prescribing stuff and a cardiologist prescribing stuff. Heather is going with her to the heart doctor Monday and in the meantime we're going to try to convince her that her MD is a certifiable quack. He's giving her things she doesn't need - even we know that.

Queen Of Cheese said...

Grandma's list was 1 full notebook sheet on one side and half the back. While she was in the hospital we tossed everything more than 30 days old. We took the paper to her Dr. and he called Cardio guy and told him if he prescribed ANYTHING to fax him a copy of the script.

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