Monday, August 01, 2005


I am Miss RSJS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay. Whew. Got that out of my system.

Actually the tension was pretty thick around here yesterday morning while I awaited the announcement from Sam. Mr. Diva had gone out to the playhouse because I was pacing back and forth like a caged animal. When I checked the site just after 1 (my time) and it said I had won I posted a quick thank you and then busted out the back door to tell my husband. I tried to be all non-chalant and said, "Well, how's it feel to be married to Miss RSJS?" He said, "Oh you won? Hey, that's great. Lemme ask you this - how's it feel to be married to a dumbass?" The poor guy had put up a sheet of panelling completely covered an electrical outlet. He's worked on that stupid playhouse for 4 days straight. He was loopy from all the sawdust and the heat. So rather than get a chance to bask in the glory of all that goes along with being a blog beauty queen, I helped him with the panelling then offered to make him a sandwich. Again, we know where my talent lies. In the kitchen, not in the playhouse. It used to be the bedroom, but that was long ago and really is neither here nor there anymore. Annnnnyway . . .

So it was rather anticlimactic a victory. Not to say I'm not ecstatic and jubilant and joyous and just plain pants peein' happy, but it wasn't quite the celebration I thought it was going to be. Okay, yes, I realize I tend to overdo things just a bit and yeah, I tend to be a hair dramatic, but hey, I'm a diva. It's not only my job, it's my right. I wanted balloons and confetti and my pool boy. Instead I got a sweaty husband in a hot playhouse cussing himself for making a mistake, then I got to clean out the pool myself.

Thank you to everyone who voted. I would love to name each and every one of you personally, but I don't know exactly every one of you lurkers out there. Because you're lurkers. Duh. If you'd just de-lurk, ya sillies. So to those of you who did it out of love and adoration of yours truly, but didn't announce your loyalty to the world, a great big blanket thank you.

Many, many thanks to Sam for putting the thing together in the first place. I think it was a fabulous idea (especially since I won!).

Thanks to my posse. Posse. Now that's kind of funny to think about. Me with a posse. Okay, rephrasing: here are some people I want to personally thank. Posse. Yep, still funny.

Small Town Starlit - Thanks for being my favorite starlet! Someday you will achieve your fame and will no longer be a starlet, but a full-fleded star. And then I can totally play up that relative thing.
Hillbilly Mom - Thanks for filling up that ballot box with lots of redneck votes! Anytime you need me to vote for you, I am so there. I'll also be there to help you drop possums down the sinkhole, chase chipmunks and chase off solicitors, too. All you need to do is ask, girl.
Mrs. Coach - Thanks for voting diligently and without fail. Contest aside, also thanks for not shooting me when I come into your workplace and ask if the cheese this month is still that same crap that won't shred and looks like a gelatinous cube of orangeness. I'm not being ungrateful. Just wondering, that's all.
Irish Divinity - Thanks for being a friend. We haven't known each other really all that long, but I see many many years to come.
April - Next month. SU meeting. Appletinis. Me. You. Much laughing and nonsense.
Brian - I've said it before and I'll say it many more times, I'm sure. You are one of my favorite Oklahoma bloggers, man. Thanks for the votes and thanks for sharing your life and your stories with us.
Dave in Ardmore - Thanks for voting! Didn't even know I had a reader in Ardmore until you commented that day. I am enjoying getting to know you through your blog. Keep it up! Okies rock.
Shannon - Thanks for voting and for being such a cheerful little Big Fancy Casino employee!
Jersey Girl - Thanks for the votes, girl. You are such a HOOT and I only wish we lived closer to each other. I can envision much laughing and stuff.
Rebecca - My favorite Aussie. Of course, I only know one and that's you, but if I ever get to know another one, you'll still be my favorite!


And now, I'd like to thank the Academy . . .

Just kidding. I'm done. Really. But I am having a shirt printed up that says "Miss RSJS 2005".

Okay, I'm really not, but you gotta admit it would attract attention.


D said...

I think you should get the shirt!! And use your pic from the BLOG! I think that would be awesome!!

Irish Divinity said...

Oh, you so have to do the shirt!!!

Collin said...

Congratulations! I have no idea what you are talking about, but I'm glad you won! I've fallen a bit behind. Last I saw you were showing off your shoe. Your new template is very good, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I bow to you Miss RSJS. Congratulations!

Babs said...

Yes, congratulations Miss RSJS Diva! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with the blog reserved for the Beauty Queen at samjohnson2.

Unknown said...

You know, if I could I'd make you the shirt so you could show it off to everyone! If you really want the site to do with what you will, say the word and I'll happily give it up to you.

~ A P R I L ~ said...

Congrats! Hey, I'm in your posse? I feel so honored. I have never been in a a posse before.

Wait, does it smell? Will I need shots to join? to get out of it after? I don't have a passport, or posseport, will I be allowed back in the US? Do you need to pay dues? Do you pay ME dues? Am I the "fat, white chick" that you had to include to meet state / federal regulations? Do I get a kewl new nickname like A. Biddy? Posse..... I need to research this one.

Redneck Diva said...

Scrapper, Jersey and Divinity- Really? Y'all think I should do the shirt eh? Aw, what the heck - I might just do it! It'll be good for a laugh anyway.

Collin-Thanks! I love bewildered congratulations. The Miss RSJS contest (You can see all of the contestants at was a gathering together of women bloggers and the general public voted on the winner. Grand fun, sorry you missed it!!

Pandora-Thanks, but no bowing necessary! You put up a good fight, girl!

Babs-Thanks, Babs! I can't wait to see what I do with it, too! Any suggestions? :)

Sam-I am seriously considering doing that shirt ... should attract some attention anyway. Keep the site for a bit longer please - I'm going to poll the readers and see what they think I should do with it, if anything. Thanks!

April-I started to post this big ol' reply to you here, but now I think I'm actually going to turn it into a post. Stay tuned! LOL

~ A P R I L ~ said...

Damn, I always have to wait!!! Tuned.... I don't have any special tools for that. Am I really out of tune? Hmmm, maybe that's why one nipple points left and the other down? Think I should go to the doc and get that checked out?

Politically Homeless said...

I've been out of town for a couple of days, so this is the first I've heard. Congratulations!

I'd ask for your autograph, but I think I'll settle for buying you a drink if we ever have an Oklahoma Blogger's convention.

KarbonKountyMoos said...

Yes, better late than never - congratulations! I'm so thrilled that I can post here again!

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