Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tales from the toyroom

Some days it all comes together. The bigger kids are getting along and playing and the baby has discovered that a Duplo is the most amazing piece of plastic ever made. So, being the attentive day care lady that I am, I have plopped my butt in the toyroom floor and have been reading Harry Potter. But there are just some conversations that merit hoisting my big butt up off the floor to go blog.


Kady and Chandler are playing "dog". She had him on his back, legs in the air and was rubbing his belly to beat the band. It was hilarious because his leg was shaking!!

So she rolled him over onto his "legs" again and swatted his rear, which of course made him yelp and go scurrying off to his doghouse under the Lego table. She then told him to come out and quit being a bad puppy. He did, and if he had a tail, it would've been tucked between his legs. I was shaking from trying not to laugh and interrupt their play.

This is the conversation that followed:

K: Okay, pretend you're having fun. Okay?

C: Rokay. (pant pant)

K: Go. Go have fun, puppy!

C: Uhhhh....Kay-dee....can I have some doggie toys? I can't have fun without my doggie toys.

K: Oh whatever. If you must.
(Yes, I swear she said "If you must.")


Then the suddenly became horses that howled very loudly like a pack of wolves during a full moon. Freaky horses, lemme tell ya.

Then they attacked Cute Baby who was innocently chewing on some plastic french fries and a pirate sword.

Now they are off playing "family". Chandler is the son and Kady is doing a pretty good job of being Mommy Dearest. Just now she sent Chan to his room. He went to the corner and laid down on his stomach after a stop at the toybox. Then he said, "Ohhhh Mommmmmmmm-uhhhhhhhh! I have a surrrrr-priiiiiiiiiise for youuuuuuu!" So Kady got up and went over to him and he jumped up, pulled out a toy gun and went "Bang!! SUR-PRISE!!"

Yikes. Jill should probably sleep with one eye open tonight.


Queen Of Cheese said...

That's too funny because my kids played dog last night too. Bryce was Duke and Nati threw toys and he chased her around the table. The dog of course, sat in the recliner and looked at them like they were f-ing nuts!

~ A P R I L ~ said...

All I can say is ROKAY!! LOL

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