Monday, August 29, 2005

It burns! It burns!

This morning Ab had a dr's appointment at 8:20. She's been having some pretty bad abdominal pain and burning in her stomach and chest lately, so I figured we needed to get that checked out. She's a worrier, so my first thought was that it was an ulcer, or at least the beginnings of one. Up until just recently the poor child had calouses on her pinky fingers from chewing on them constantly. She's always been a bit nervous. Thank God she's coming out of that, but from time to time she'll start chewing on those fingers again.

So after a rousing game of Twenty Questions mixed with The Spanish Inquisition, Dr. David declared her ulcer free (or as ulcer free as you can declare someone without actually doing a test for it) and said it was acid reflux. I was really not surprised. All three of the kids had it as infants. Ab's was the worst in the "vomit across the room" category and Kady's was the worst in the "scream 24/7 because my insides are being eaten away by acid" category. Sam just spit up on everything, but never barfed across the room or screamed - ah, that precious middle child. So he prescribed Zantac twice a day. Voila. That was pretty simple.

We dropped off her Rx at the pharmacy and the chick said it'd be 30 minutes. Oy. So we went to the bank and got Mr. Diva some money because he lost all of his at the casino Saturday night. Then we went to Dollar Tree, or "Dollar Treat" as Kady calls it. The store is full of crap pretty much all the time, but I get the scented diaper sacks for the babies' nasty stinky drawers there, so I still go. But this time I hit the dollar store junk jackpot. I got sand bracelet kits, three for a BUCK!! And sun catcher painting thingies, two for a BUCK! Talk about some cheap Brownie time-consumers.

We picked up Ab's Rx and headed back to the school. As I waited my turn to pull out of the parking lot, I checked out the receipt stapled to the bag. According to it, my insurance saved me $143.50 for a bottle of Zantac. God save the welfare system.

Now the munchkins and I are just hangin'. I should probably go back to town to pick up this month's Free Cheese allotment, but I just can't bring myself to load 'em all up again today. Which means that tomorrow I'll have to get around and dressed and all presentable to the public tomorrow, too. Yeesh. I mean, Mrs. Coach says that I can come in my pajamas and that lots of others get their Free Cheese in their pajamas, but there are a few shreds of decency left in me and standing the Free Cheese line in my pajamas, I just can't do.


~ A P R I L ~ said...

Dollar Treat, too funny!

Glad that munchkin is feeling better!

I double dog dare you to wear your jammies in the free cheese line, maybe Mrs. Coach can take YOUR pic for her half nekkid thursday. LOL

Queen Of Cheese said...

Wear your jammies, I was needing a HNT shot. Come on, you know you wanna.

Anna said...

Free cheese - MMMM, as a kid we were on welfare briefly (though we should been on it all the time we was PO')

I like free cheese, makes good grilled cheese sanwiches... to be eaten in your jammies...

Anonymous said...

If I got free cheese I do believe I would stand there in a teddy if they wanted me to. A red one, complete w/ white furry stuff on the lining of the bra and a white furry thong. As long as said "pooty-poo" is coved and I'm getting free cheese, point me to some FRIGGIN CHEESE!!!!!!

Redneck Diva said...

April-Double dog dare, eh? You know a person can't resist a double dog are one evil biatch, Libra. LOL

Mrs.Coach-Of course, I wanna, but I'm not sure I can actually pull it off. Of course, April double dog dared me so I think now I'm bound by some unwritten contractual agreement.

Anna-Free Cheese makes anything better. It makes the best mac and cheese EVER. The kids won't even touch the boxed kind. I know you have a mac and cheese thing - you wanna drive to Oklahoma now, don't you?

Tiff-*waves a box of free cheese in front of you* Come on, sistah. Put on that tedddy and come get yer Free Cheese!!

Sam said...

PJ's should just be daily wear. Without a bra, makeup or hairbrushing. Brushing teeth is necessary, but beyond that, screw it all. I have to wear a damn suit for work, and if I'm not working you're lucky I'm not nekkid! Mmmm.... cheese.

Redneck Diva said...

Sam-Amen, sister. You should run for public office. I like the way you think.

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