Tuesday, August 09, 2005

That anonymous is at it again

I usually have nothing but happy comments to my posts and that always makes me happy. I like making people laugh. I try to write about what goes on in life all around us. No, the shelf story may not have happened to you and your spouse or significant other, but we've all had situations that were similar. And it's life. I just happened to enjoy taking that story and putting a funny spin on it and telling the world that blow jobs speak volumes at my house. Y'all love me for it, you know you do. Well, most of you do.

I love reading Erma Bombeck's writings for that same reason. No, Erma wasn't all that generous with the dirty talk, but she wrote about life and how it happens and gave her insight on it and made us all laugh and think and commiserate and realize that we are not alone. Even when we want to find the nearest hole to fall into when the children throw fits over not getting Mimi's school supplies or when our husband's get their feelings hurt and we're not sure why or when we have Really Loud The Kids Are Out Of The House Sex and just never had a name to put on it till now. My gosh, I only wish I were as talented as Mrs. Bombeck and please don't think I am putting myself on the same level as her, but I try to do what she did. Just with a little more redneck flair and a whole lot more dirty words.

I think most of you like it. So far I haven't had too many complaints. Well, just from Mom. She can't believe that I write the word "fucker" on here for people to see.

What I'm getting at is this: Okay, Anonymous, so you think my husband acts like an "immature, selfish little brat" and you think he has "an eggshell for an ego"? Well, guess what - everyone has acted bratty in their life and at times we all have egos that are a little more fragile that at other times. No, Mr. Diva is not perfect. Neither am I. Neither are you. But he loves me and most of the time I love him and I write about our marriage and our life and our kids with brutal honesty and straight-forwardness and if you don't like it,

don't comment on my blog.

Go ahead and read all you like. Get riled up, get angry, stomp around your computer room and snort and growl that he's a pig and he's a jerk and how dare he act like that, but honestly, you don't have to share your negativity with me. I'm really okay without it.

Yep, it's a great big world out there and no, we all do not agree. In fact, I find that a lot of the time I disagree with a lot of the population. I don't expect you to agree with everything I say. My gosh, how boring would that be. But the last time I checked, this is a "day in the life" type blog and well, that story was just about a day in my life. I love getting comments from folks telling me they got a kick out of what I have written. I love when they share that they've had a similar experience. And honestly, I don't mind if someone disagrees with me if they do it maturly and with some couth. Not once have I jumped on someone's blog and called their husband a name or belittled an author for his or her thoughts and the way he or she handled something. I just find it completely unnecessary. I'll tell y'all like I tell my kids - Thumper's momma was one smart bunny when she said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." And I'd like to think that if I someday I feel strongly enough about something to comment that way, I'll at least sign my name.


D said...

Amen! *LOL*

~ A P R I L ~ said...

YOU GO GIRL! Now, where the hell are my kleenexes?

Anonymous said...

First, anonymous...you're a jackass.

Second, a question....Ladies, how many of your husbands at one time or another has reacted EXACTLY like Mr. Diva did??? I know mine has, and will again...but that doesn't make him "an immature, selfish little brat" with "an eggshell for an ego".

Queen Of Cheese said...

I'm guessing Anonymous has never seen Mr. Coach throw his hat at a t-baller or scream and yell at a referee???? It's part of life, and if we can't laugh at each other then we might as well give up.

Anna said...

My Dear Diva,

Best advice I can give you is to ignore it. The more you feed into it, the more they will come around.

Promise. You kick but, daily stories are great, I and still love your picture and wish I had thought of it. Be cool sister, cuz you is.

Anna said...

That's SUPPOSED to say "Kick butt" It's amazing how different a whole sentence can be when missing 1 stupid as "t". Sheesh.

Redneck Diva said...

Os and Scrapper-Thanks, guys!

April-Thanks, friend. I'll loan you my kleenexes if you can't find yours.

GrammaHoney-I think we've all thrown our share of temper tantrums. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've blogged about my own, too. I wasn't just pickin' on Mr. Diva, lol. It's life. Thanks for the comment and support!

Mrs.Coach-Amen, sister. Life happens. I like your theory. And I have no idea of giving up so I'm going to continue laughing.

Collin-I have no intention of it! Thanks for stopping by!!

Anna-I am such a mouth I have a hard time letting things go sometimes. If ol' Anon hadn't called my husband names, I'd have probably been okay, but man, I'm the only one who can call him names and get away with it!!!

You better watch out - Sam the Grammar Policechick might be out trolling for spelling errors today, too!! :D

I get more comments on that picture. Who knew that fooling around while your sister holds the camera could result in such a remark-worthy shot!?

Thanks for the comment, girlie.

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