Thursday, August 11, 2005


I have made up my mind that until the day Cute Baby walks up to me and actually requests a morning nap, I will not be giving him one. It's just not worth the squalling, pinching, screaming and generally nastiness of trying to convince him that he's tired. Besides, I'm all for the one reallllly long nap in the afternoon.

I think I'm going to have to pay my eldest child for her babysitting skillz. All morning, as long as Cute Baby isn't upset and pea soup isn't flying out of the mouth in the middle of his swiftly rotating head, she has wanted to take care of him. I try to fulfill my babysitterly duties but she's like "Mom. Really. If you have something you need to do, go do it. I'll holler if I need you." So I have cleaned my office, run the vacuum in here and am now ready to move the furniture around a bit. Of course, I figured since I was here I'd just check the ol' email . . . and blog . . . I peek in on them often and they are happy as two little clams. I'm thinking homeschooling would be cool. Oh wait, what am I thinking? Geez, we're not Amish. It's not appropriate for the older children to take care of the younger children while the mother says she is beating the clothes clean on a rock, making lye soap and baking fresh bread, milking the cow, sewing everyone new clothes, but what she's really doing is blogging. That's just not right. Forget I said anything.

I totally forgot that it's Half-Nekkid Thursday, too. I have nothing. And I'm not about to miss. So I will now be on a quest for the remainder of the morning to find a way to capture a part of me half-nekkid and then I will post the picture during the incredibly long nap that I hope Cute Baby takes this afternoon. Or at least, that's the plan.


kimananda said...

Congratulations on having an older child who will consent to taking care of a younger one! I can't imagine I ever agreed voluntarily to looking after my younger brother!

And I look forward to seeing what you find for HNT - it's a bit addicting, isn't it?

Queen Of Cheese said...

Ummm...Cute Babies mom doesn't read the blog does she? I couldn't ever get Bryce to watch Natalie...guess that's what happens when you have them 27 months apart. Nobody told me to have them YEARS apart so the oldest will watch the youngest.

Redneck Diva said...

Kimananda-Ab was a great help when Kady was born and she was only 5 then. She's always been a bit of a mother hen. She's an awesome help.

Mrs.Coach-She doesn't read the blog, but she knows that Abby won't keep her hands off the child, lol.

Osbasso said...

Just an editing note--you referred to HNTuesday. You're harried. I understand. No penalty points this time.

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