Thursday, August 04, 2005

Boot to the foot - nahh nahhhhhh

Okay, you may giggle your head off starting right now. It's okay, I can handle it. It can't be any worse than how my husband reacted last night when I came to bed in this contraption. If only I had a headgear and some sponge rollers - hooo doggies! I'd be dead sexy.

This is my sleep boot. For the plantar fasciitis. When I took Ab to the doctor on Monday I asked him about the pain and should I be working out, etc. He said to keep working out and that I needed a boot to sleep in. What happens with plantar fasciitis is that your feet relax when you sleep, no longer sitting at a 90' angle like when you're up on them. So while your foot is relaxed, the tendons and whatnot in your foot tighten up. Then when you swing your legs over the side of that bed in the morning and suddenly wrench your foot back to that 90' angle it rips the tendons and tissues that are already damaged and inflamed. YOW huh? He offered to prescribe me a sleep boot of my very own for the low, low price of only $80. I told him that I'd suffer. But my friend Bev has unfortunately dealt with fasciitis herself and offered to loan me hers.

The only good thing I see about the sleep boot is that when Paul snores I now have something with which to hurt him. A swift backward motion kick to the shin and the snoring suddenly stops!!

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Calvin said...

aww... the colors do look kinda funky though! get well soon! :-)

Anonymous said...

That is one silly HNT but wonerful none the less! Cute feet! Or foot or whatever. :)

Queen Of Cheese said...

I have a $400.00 boot you may borrow should you decide to move up in the world, it's not a sleep boot but it's for the tendons in the back of the ankle. I quit using it when I realized Mr. Coach could tape the damned thing for a $3.00 roll of tape. Wish I'd have known that before I paid for the boot!!!!

Irish Divinity said...

Hey,, this should be your theme song!!!

Fame ("Fame" by Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford)

I'm gonna live forever.
I'm gonna learn how to fly,
I feel it coming together,
People will see me and cry
I'm going to make it to heaven,
Light up the sky like a flame,
I'm gonna live forever,
Baby remember my name,
Remember, Remember, Remember, Remember, Remember, Remember.

I'm gonna live forever,
Baby remember my name,
Remember, Remember, Remember, Remember, Remember, Remember.

Sam said...

You are such a hot bitch. Woo Hoo. Think of the things you can do with that sleep boot. Sexy mama. I bet you could find scads of men with sleep boot fetishes.

addict said...

put a heel on the boot, grab some fishnets... those leg(s) look like they're ready for some dancing!

Monalicious said...

Poor Mr. Diva. Actually, my last boyfriend was a snorer...I could've used one of those boots.

Anonymous said...

If you're an X-ray tech, as I am, that's one sexy photo.

Redneck Diva said...

s!-The colors are the least of my worry - it's the damned general ugliness of it that I hate! Oh and the fact that it's a royal bitch to sleep in.

Kalani-Silly is what I'm all about, dear. Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs.Coach-When David told me I needed an $80 boot and I laughed hysterically he then said, "Or you can just use an Ace bandage." But as much trouble as I have with my circulation in that foot as it is, I'd hate to think what wrapping it would do to my piggies!

Divnity-Okay, theme song officially changed! Thanks, friend! You really hit it on the head. Much better than that mamby pamby Mr. Roger's Neighborhood song.

Sam the girl-Damn straight I'm a hot bitch! The sleep boot fetish I'm not so sure about...that kind of gives me the willies.

Addict-If I put heels on, regardless of the state of my fat foot, I immediately strain, sprain or risk breaking something. I'm a bit of a clutz. Thank God this is only a sleep boot and not something I have to walk in - I'd kill myself!

Mona-Poor Mr. Diva my ass. Poor ME!! But rumor has it I snore, too. Hope he never has to wear the boot - he kicks harder than I do.

Bug's Butt- I'm only minorly disturbed by your statement. The rest of me is blushing like hell.

The Funky Bee said...

Looks painful, but still a great pic!

armalicious said...

Excellent HNT submit. Sorry about the foot contraption - that has to suck!

Redneck Diva said...

Funky Bee-Not painful, just annoying as hell! Thanks for dropping by!

Amanda-It does suck, but so far I'm getting lots of sympathy!

chosha said...

Well, in that boot your leg is kinda half-nekkid. ^_^

chosha said...

Well, in that boot your leg is kinda half-nekkid. ^_^

chosha said...

Well, in that boot your leg is kinda half-nekkid. ^_^

kimananda said...

Oh, my...that does not look comfortable! However, it makes a very nice HNT pic!

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