Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Whiney Wednesday

Okay, a quick whine and then I really have to clean my house today. I think I say that like, every day, but today it's crunch time. I have no excuse any longer to NOT do it and in exactly one week there will be a small, baby-like creature crawling about my house with the ability to shove things like dust bunnies, staples, Hot Wheel tires and shards of broken glass into his semi-toothless maw. Diva note to self: When oldest child and yourself have stepped on pieces of broken glass, you probably didn't vacuum up the broken picture frame very well the first time.

Okay, on to the whining:

* I have to clean my house. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Hmh. Well, I've sat here for 3 minutes now trying to think of something else to whine about, but pretty much the house cleaning blows everything else out of the water. It's too consuming, the cleaning of the house.

I reserve the right to come back later to whine.

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