Monday, August 01, 2005

Weekend in review

Saturday day was pretty uneventful. Mr. Diva worked again on the playhouse ad nauseum. The kids and I kind of piddled around in the house until they were driving me certifiably insane and we went to the pool. Sam was bored and obnoxious because Ab wasn't here to horse around with. Kady was whiny because, well, she was just really whiney that day. After about 20 minutes of listening to him pester her and her scream, squeal and whine we went in the house. I would rather not swim than listen to that crap in a small pool where I can't get far enough away to ignore them.

Sis and Bub brought Ab back around 3. Then we stood in the yard and talked awhile. They admired the progress on the playhouse. They left to do some of the gambling further out so that during the evening we could just concentrate on the casinos in town rather than have to run all over the place. Mom had said that her auction would run till about 4:30 or 5. Sis and Bub left at 3:30. Mom called to say she was on her way at 3:45. By 4:15 it was just Mr. Diva and I here alone. We grabbed showers and he played PS2 while I got ready. I decided to straighten my hair, an all-consuming project that requires diligence, concentration and lots and lots of product. Around 5:30 I was straightened sufficiently and we headed out the door to meet Bub and Sis for dinner. Of course, I walked out into the humidity and promptly curled. Typical. Fortunately there was enough product in my hair that the small oil slick that was developing on top of my head kept it from going afro on me.

We had dinner at the restaurant inside Buffalo Run. After eating McDonald's, Wendy's or Pizza Hut most of the time when we splurge and eat out, I took extra time making my decision. I wanted something nice and out of the ordinary (compared to a burger or grilled chicken sandwich). Sis ordered a cappatavi dish with veggies and a Cajun sauce. Nearly burnt her esophagus clean in two. I ordered the grilled salmon with a velvety (Their word, not mine.) lemon dill sauce with grilled vegetables and scalloped potatoes. Simply scrumptuous. Our husbands? Oh, they ordered burgers.

Then we gambled. Around 10:30 Mr. Diva and I took a break to go to Wal*Mart. I needed new socks. Everyone thought it rather strange to stop in the middle of a night of gambling to go buy socks, but I wanted to make sure I got them before it either got too late and we were tired or else I was drunk. We also looked for a new air matress for the pool, but it seems that pool toys and whathaveya have been replaced with an overflow of toys for Christmas. Yes. That's what I said. But they had those noodles on clearance for a buck so we picked up three. And of course, we being the mature adults we are beat the snot out of each other from the store to the parking lot. Then when we got to the Stables we got them out of the back of the truck and went another round in the parking lot there. Just my husband and I smacking each other senseless with large foam pool toys. In a public parking lot. What a memory we made.

When we met up with Sis and Jon at the Stables I decided to buy everyone a drink. Sis had a daquiri and I had an apple martini. An hoo doggies, the ones that aren't on sale are much stronger! No wonder the ones at Quapaw Casino were cheap - they had no liquor in them! The ones at Stables kicked my ass. And I loved every minute of the ass-kicking! It was fun.

We were sitting at one of the tables in the lounge area at one point, just visiting, watching the people gamble, etc. I was watching a particular group of women be ogled and drooled over by some cowboys. Before I knew it Heather and I were waxing philosophical about whether we'd rather be a barfly or a lot lizard. I would rather go with barfly because you can at least drink from a glass in a bar and you can choose just how skanky the place is you want to hang out in. Lot lizards are surrounded by truck exhaust so much, that can't be good for your health. Plus you're in such closed spaces!

Yeah. This is a conversation we actually had. We're pretty deep.

Yesterday Mr. Diva's nephew and his girlfriend came over. Mom, Sis and Bub and the kids were on their way for dinner so while I fixed dinner, Alex and I visited. She's awfully sweet. Very very young and very much in love. I remember being that way with my first "real" boyfriend. And both times this child has come over to my house (unannounced as Hoovers are wont to do) I have had on no make up and the house has been a wreck. I can just imagine what she tells her mama about Anson's poor redneck relatives when she goes home.

Abby started complaining of an earache on Saturday and kept on with it through this morning. From what she was telling me, it sounded like swimmer's ear, but with everything we've been through with the ears I tend to freak out. I called first thing and got her in. Sure enough, swimmer's ear, BUT she also has a middle ear infection as well. Poor kid. It's a wonder the child hears at all. And the antibiotic he gave her doesn't come in swallowable capsules in her dosage so she had to choose between liquid or chewables. She opted for chewables. Mistake. She gagged the whole time the thing was in her mouth. Plus she can't swim for a whole week. She's not been a real happy camper today, bless her heart. School starts the 12th and she's going to miss out on the last full week of swimming. We'll just have to double our efforts next week.

And now I'm going to go do some laundry since it doesn't seem to be doing itself. I would love to have a wand like ol' Harry Potter. Forget ridding the world of evil, I just want my laundry done.


Irish Divinity said...

on the hair thing, as you know I have that pain in the ass curly hair too and to straighten it fairly easily I use Matrix Sleek (I'll have to look at the actual name of it when I get home) and then I have a pick that attaches to the end of my hairdryer and I tell you I use 1/4 of the product I used to and it takes a 1/4 of the time it used to with a hairdryer and round brush only to have to use a flat iron too! all in all it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to get completely straight (and it stays) hair rather than the 1 and a half it used to take, and I have fairly long hair.
I love the beating each other with noodle thing!!

~ A P R I L ~ said...

I share your new sock "habit". I love new socks, any kind of new undies just can't be beat.

As for the noodle fight, hell, that was funny. I call them water weenies though and just embarass the snot out of my kiddo! LOL Water weenies....... you gotta love 'em!

BTW, I'm a natural curly headed woman, nothing works to straighten my hair. I've used the no lye relaxer for black people's hair and it worked great but it burned the snot out of my scalp.

Oh, I loooooove the Coleman restaurant at Buffalo Run. I like to go there for desert! YUM!

Redneck Diva said...

Divinity-I've tried FrizzEze and all it does it make me shiny and oily - kind of how I'd like my coat to look if I were a freakin' HORSE. But if this Sleek stuff works as well as you say it does, I'll give it a try. I'll try anything to attain the occasional straight look minus the oily sheen. The amazing Anna is also going to share with me her super wonderful "how to hate your hair in style" secrets for the curls.

Bill-You can't pick up a noodle without whacking someone with it! It's a biological urge that you can't supress. If I'd been alone, I'd have probably whacked a total stranger out of sheer primal reflex.

Ya know, something that works almost as well as a magic wand for laundry folding - children. My oldest does the underwear, my boy pairs socks and the youngest folds dishrags. I KNEW there was a reason I had kids.

Housewife-Embracing the inner redneck eh? I'm so proud of you! They need meetings for those of us who resist. It's a hard thing to come to terms with for some.

You know, there are only certain people you can discuss the pros and cons of such life goals as barfly vs. lot lizard. Blessed is the person who has such friends.

Thanks for stopping by! Don't be a stranger!

April-I own more underwear than should be allowed by law. The oh so helpful clerk at Lane Bryant got me hooked on those cheeky panties and so then in addition to the copious amounts of bikinis I already owned, I bought up a hefty stock of the buttcheek showing kind. I'm pretty low key on socks - white, no show. But when you need 'em, you really need 'em like right then. Thus the gambling break to buy new ones.

I've never had the nerve to chemically straighten my hair because in my mind, when it starts to grow out I'll then have curly roots. Picture straight hair with curly roots - yeah, hilarious. So I just suffer with the curls and check the humidity often, hoping for a day below 65% so I can straighten.

I wouldn't have had room for dessert that night if my life had depended on it! I remembered you saying that you liked dessert there, but I would've just died on the spot had I tried. Someday I'll save enough Points to splurge, though.

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