Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Okie Blogs

I just now discovered, while checking out the Okie Blog Awards page at Okie Doke, that Shannon from B's Mom is in the running for Best Family Blog!! Woot!! Go Shannon!

I have been nominated in four categories, myself: Best Overall Blog, Best Family Blog, Best Humor Blog, and Best Writing Blog. I am totally flabbergasted and honored that fellow Okies nominated me for these awards.

IF I had been a good Okie Blogger myself, I'd have nominated a few of my favorite Okie blogs, but alas, I squandered away the nomination period with such silly things as laundry and getting ready for Cute Baby and such. So, while it doesn't get you in the running, y'all are still my favorite Okies!!


Of course, I'm very partial to Small Town Starlit. Cousin Courtney would've definitely been nominated by me. I love her stories of Kindergarten woes and victories, her awesome camper and her continual quest for stardom.

Magnet Lady and I graduated high school together. She had the best big bangs in the class back then. Now her hair is smaller and soon, her boobs will be, too! She makes some really awesome magnetic jewelry and if you have headaches, bone and joint pain or arthritis, she can fix you up with some kickin' jewelry that serves a purpose. She has a hot tub, too!

My BFF, Tiff, says "Welcome to My Life". She wasn't posting there for awhile, but she's back at it again and goin' strong!! Gosh, I miss her. She's got a bit of OCD goin' on, but we like her that way.

Irish Divinity is keeping us updated on her pregnancy. I love the way Stormie gets excited about Nascar! Although, I don't understand it, I certainly do admire her passion for it. She's also been to some awesome concerts, too.

Mrs. Coach is the Queen of Free Cheese, a talented Fair mom who has quite a flair for creating things with poster board and glitter and is soon to be my accomplice in a 55-gallon barrel adventure.

April is just funny. She also can scare the heck outta the blog community as a whole with her freaky HNT posts sometimes. I don't understand her penchant for Buffy, though.

Brian writes An Audience of One and is probably my most favoritest male Okie blogger ever. Brian is an amazing writer, incredibly intelligent and his posts are thought-provoking, deep and more than one has actually brought me to tears. You really need to check him out.

The Conversation Station is brought to you by the amazing Babs. She's a home schooling mom of two boys, she's an artist and her husband makes knives. Wow. What a family eh? She writes posts that make you think, make you ask questions, ask for your opinions and heck, she's not scared of tornadoes either!

Dave in Ardmore is a new one I've been reading. He's a college student, he hates dial-up and has a son who is a bit of an exhibitionist it seems. He's got a lot to say.

The Daily B*tch is a hoot and a half to read! I sincerely hope she's at the Round-Up next fall because I really want to meet her. Really. (I'm not a stalker and I don't own any 55-gallon barrels. Cross my heart.) She's the one that turned me on to the whole Googling yourself thing. She rocks.

And last, but by no means, least - Okie Doke!! *the crowd goes wild* I love Mike. Mike is cool. Mike rocks. Mike, you da man. He throws in Oklahoma news, editorial statements, utter nonsense and quite a bit of humor. He is also responsible for starting this whole Okie Blog Awards thing and is the mastermind behind the Okie Blogger Round-Up next year. Three cheers for Mike!

Now, if you're an Okie blogger, you can vote in the Okie Blog Awards. Betcha didn't know that, didya? Well, now you do. So all you Okies go over here and check out all the nominees. There's some good stuff out here in Oklahoma !!


~ A P R I L ~ said...

Awe, you're makin' me blush.

I voted already! Would you just leave me alone!?

Politically Homeless said...

Thanks for the kind words dawlin! For that you get TWO appletinis! :)

Shannon said...

Cooool Diva! I can't believe I was nominated for anything! I can believe you were though! You are hilarious!!!

Oakman said...

So I write editorial statements and utter nonsense, huh? Aren't you being redundant?

Redneck Diva said...

April-Hey, I have to say nice things about you because frankly, that HNT post last week scared the pee outta me!!

So...did you vote for me? heehee

Brian-So, Brian, when it comes to you, flattery really does get me everywhere, huh?

Two appletinis - YESSSSSSS

Shannon-You didn't KNOW? LOL You squirrel. Well, live it up girl - you are a popular Okie!

Okiedoke-You have a very valid point there. Very valid. I do so love your blog, though.

Babs said...

Ooooo, I get to be amazing! Thanks Diva! Congratulations on all your nominations. It is you who is storming Oklahoma!

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