Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Friends with gas

April and I were chatting on Yahoo! today and I just gotta say that you can't beat having a friend with whom you can have conversations like this:

Me: "Heehee, I just snorted. I've been doing that a lot lately when I laugh. Does that mean I'm getting old?"

April: "No, it means you're a dork. Age is not a factor here.
Although, I hear that gas at will is a sign of sheer genius."

"I have yet to master that skill. I think testicles help with that. Seems that the men in my house can do it. It's gotta be the testicles."

"Well, there you go, that's something to strive for."

"Growing testicles???"

"No, mastering gas at will."

"So YOU have mastered gas at will?"

"Yes, and balls had nothing to do with it, although it does take balls to fart in public and blame a stranger, which I have sooooooo done."

"Oh shit, I just snorted again."


~ A P R I L ~ said...

So, how's the snorting now? I still have my gas!

Anonymous said...


one of my friends sent me a very brief e-mail the other day,

"Rachy, I just farted and something squirted out, am too scared to look... what should I do?"

my reply,

"take the rest of the day off work and go home and have a shower"

Redneck Diva said...

April-Last night I snorted and Abby said, "Mom, you kind of sound like a dork when you do that." I was like "Have you been talking to April?"

Rachy-Friends like that rock. You are blessed. :)

Sam said...

I can um fart in that other place at will.

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