Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Okay, I was just thinking that we all needed one more thing to forget to do during the week, so my new funny friend, April, gave us Top Ten Tuesday, or T3 because we're lazy.

You just pick a topic and write a top ten list about it. April listed the things that make her mad and Mrs. Coach listed her favorite movies. I shall do

The Top Ten Things I Love About My Kids And My Husband

1. The way all three kids look when they are asleep. So quiet, so still . . . Sam all sprawled out, mouth open like his father, snoring to beat the band; Ab on her stomach, hair tangled in her headgear, usually one long leg hanging out of the rails on the top bunk; and Kady on her tummy with her butt in the air, hands under her chin . . . it's just too good.

2. When Paul gets all playful and starts tormenting and teasing and just looks like I'm sure he looked as a kid. It almost makes me forget he's a cranky old fart most of the time.

3. The way the kids smell when they've been playing outside. This one's kind of a good/bad thing because sometimes they can smell like wet puppies, but even with the wet puppy smell it's still the smell of my kids when they've been having fun.

4. Abby's ability to use big words. The child is 8 and can spout off words like "sarcastic", "occupied", "obnoxious" and we're working on "facetious". Plus he knows what they all mean, too. I love the fact that she's oh so willing to become a walking dictionary just like her mother.

5. Sam's sense of humor and orneriness. He's just so 100% little boy. When he gets all hyped up and says "Oh yeah, you're gonna pay for that one, small fry!" and "Bring it on!" all tough or when he smacks me on the rear and then runs off screaming bloody murder because he knows I will at some point retaliate - yeah, that's good stuff.

6. Kady's extreme Diva-ness. She is so going to rule over her subjects with some serious power. I just hope she uses that power for good and not evil, because even I'm a bit frightened of what that child would be capable of if she crosses over to the Dark Side.

7. The way Paul never gets his back all the way dry after a shower and how he stands there with his towel wrapped around his waist with water on his back while he shaves. It's just good.

8. Listening to my kids play when they don't know I'm around.

9. How, even if we're fighting, Paul will roll over in the middle of the night to spoon with me and throw his right leg over mine, throw his arm over me and nuzzle the back of my neck. I may act like I hate him, but secretly I like feeling him there.

10. The way that even when I'm a fire-breathing dragon from the very pits of Hell, the kids still tell me they love me and that I'm still the best mom in the world.

So there ya go, my first T3 list. Go ahead, make one of your own! Get creative - like Top Ten Household Chores I Loathe, Top Ten Worst Pickup Lines Used On Me, or even Top Ten Worst Things I've Ever Made for Dinner.


Anna said...

Whoopi I am first!

Those are good dear Diva... really good. Shows you are grateful for the little things... that is HUGE!

Queen Of Cheese said...

Oh sure, April and I do selfish things and you do sweet, child/husband things. I was under the impression you already won Mother Of The Year and could stop sucking up!!!!

Redneck Diva said...

Anna-I am grateful. I may talk smack on here and bitch a lot, but I really am very blessed.

DaveinArdmore-I used to think that when they quit being babies they wouldn't be any fun to watch sleep anymore, but I'm still drawn to their rooms every night to just stare and admire and still be completely mesmerized.

Mrs.Coach-I was just in one of those mushy moods yesterday! I'm sorry, next time I'll try to be more selfish next time. Promise. I thinking Top Ten Places I'm Going To Take Mrs. Coach When I Want To Scare The Living Shit Out Of Her. The Elks being #1!!! LOL

Queen Of Cheese said...

Oh no, sista I am SOOOO not going to the Elks again. In fact, Mr. Coach was even informed I am not going Elk hunting, Elk watching, to Belks or anything remotely sounding like an Elk. Scared me straight (no pun intended for our devoted lesbian groupees).

Redneck Diva said...

But...but...there's a Belk's going in in Branson soon and we HAVE to go!!

So Mr. Coach didn't get mad or anything, did he? We want you to go again sometime!

We have groupies?!?

Queen Of Cheese said...

Course we have groupies...I wore a low-cut shirt how could we not?????? Nah, he didn't care. He knows not to get crappy cause I know how to remove the plug from his boat and hide it. Sucks when the boat sinks, from what I hear.

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