Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I won enough money last night at Ladies' Night that I can now forge ahead with my Demolition Derby plans for Friday night.

I have a car. My darling friend, Andy, oh so generously provided me with one.

Here's the problem - it's a standard. I don't drive a standard very well. Especially not well enough to head out into a dirt arena and then attempt to avoid demolition and in the process do some demolishing of my own.

But I really wanna play crash-up with the boys Friday night!!!

If I had some time - like more than 3 days - to practice, I might be okay, but seeing as how I actually really only have 3 days, I'm thinking it's a disaster waiting to happen. Not to mention a waste of my money.

There is another derby on the 17th of September. I thinking at this point I'm going to just be really nice and let Mr. Diva drive this Friday since he already knows how to drive a standard quite well and he's absolutely faunching at the bit to drive. He's a derby virgin ya know. Then I can spend the next three weeks looking for another car or at least practicing on this one. Or I could just chance it and drive this weekend.

I'm so torn.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Mr. Coachs' new truck is a standard. The way he's been acting lately, I'd be more than glad to let you practice with it. It's really very easy, I learned to drive a standard the day Jason went to pick up my new truck and didn't stop to think I couldn't drive a standard. I learned REALLY quick how to drive it.

BTW I HATE the drunk spelling challenge that is now required to post a comment.

Anna said...

You can do it. If my MOM can do it, you can. Trust me, it's not like you are trying to be soft and sweet with the transmission - so I say gun it!


Rebecca said...

Hi Diva,
Go for it, driving a manual is piss easy, just burn that clutch out so Hubby will have to get his own car.
A good tip for practicing is before you actually drive, just sit there making gear changes, to get use to the feel of it, and remember you don't need to force the gearstick to change.
Best of luck.

~ A P R I L ~ said...

You can do it Diva! GO FOR IT!

Although, if you wait until the 17th I'll be sitting in the stands!

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs.Coach-Hey I'd be glad to break in that new transmission for Mr. Coach! I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

I hate the drunken word challenge as well, but it's allowed me to keep anonymous commenters and so far is keeping away the spam.

Anna-Yeah, the guys all keep telling me to just "dump the clutch" but the problem is I've never dumped one!! I've killed my share of standards in my day, but if I ever dumped a clutch I did it without know I did it!

Rebecca-Oh I can drive one out on the road. Not well, but I can get from point A to point B with only minimal whiplash. I'm just afraid I'd get all excited in the arena and forget what I was doing.

April-Mark that calendar for the 17th - I am SO there.

Shannon said...

You can do it! You can do it Diva!
You can do it all night long!
Ok, Ok, I've been watching too many Adam Sandler movies......
Seriously, if I can do it, you can surely do it. My Saturn I had was a standard, and I didn't know how to drive one, needless to say my mom gave me a crash course in standard driving that evening and I had to learn to drive it to get to work the next morning. I learned really fast.

Redneck Diva said...

Shannon-"You can doooo eet! Allll-night-LONGGGGG!" Totally love that quote.

Jersey-Ooh now there's an idea!

Redneck Diva said...

Sam-Okay, let me clarify once again- I CAN DRIVE A FREAKIN' STANDARD!! I'm just not that good at it, that's all! Puttin' down Main is a whole lot different than being in an arena with 13 other cars whose only mission is to fuck you up. It's a high stress operation! Really!

Does it help that I have a gun rack in my Asshole Van?

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