Sunday, August 28, 2005

Phunday Photos

I am avoiding some major laundry and what better way to shirk your household duties but to blog! And add a lot of time-consuming pictures as well!

Sam's "tots" shirt. He'd wear it every day if his mother could keep the laundry caught up.

This is Sam getting his first stripe on his belt a few weeks back. It was our first experience with a ceremonial awarding of a rank and I was pretty impressed. Or it could've been that I was just giddy from getting to stare at Sensei for an extra hour that week.

This is Kady practicing how to milk a cow Thursday morning at the Fair's mobile milking demonstration. Of course, the guy showed them all how to milk a cow by hand and then told them it was an archaic practice and very germy and unsanitary. Yeesh.

This poor fella ended up half in the ditch at the derby Friday night. He was upset about it, too. Can't say I blame him.

Last night we went to the Mud Run at the Fairgrounds (I told you it was a redneck weeekend). I just had to take a picture to show y'all non-redneck folks just what the guys around here like to do to their trucks from time to time.

Mom took this with my camera the weekend we went to the "beach". I had gone to get the car and when I drove back up to where they all were I found them all, all 8 of them, standing there looking up at the sky. That alone would've made a good picture, but then Mom showed me what she took and I was okay with it instead.

This is Cindy Brady taking a well, cat nap on the ladder on my front porch. I used to decorate this ladder for all the seasons - pumpkins in the fall with autumn leaves, holly garland at Christmas, flowers in the spring. But when Little Dog (God rest his little puppy soul) invaded, he ate anything I'd put up there. Then along came the kittens who feel compelled to bat at and shred anything I hang from it. They have taken it over now as a napping ladder.

I shot it from my big chair in the living room. And yes, I realize that the window is disgustingly filthy. I never said I was Martha Stewart.


~ A P R I L ~ said...

Martha Fucking Stewart is my idol, I'll never be as crafty or smart as she is. But, having said that, Martha Fucking Stewart has served jail time so I wonder if maybe she's not so smart. LOL

Me? No jail time. Me, smart.

Oh, I got dirty windows too. I was trying to tie all that in there but somehow I don't think it worked. Oh well, just tell me to shut up!

Redneck Diva said...

April-Did you see where Martha F. gets an Apprentice? As if the Donald wasn't bad enough. Instead of saying "You're fired" is her catch phrase going to be "You're NOT a good thing"?

I somehow feel I need to defend myself again on those windows - they're really only dirty from the outside! It's water spray and dust. I promise!!

Anonymous said...

Water spray and dust...rrrriiiiggghhhhtttt...we believe you. Hey FRIEND! I just wanted to say HELLO FRIEND! I miss the piss outta y'all. Yea, I said miss the piss. I bet ya the Demolition Derby just wasn't the same w/o me there...all dressed up and sitting by myself on the OTHER SIDE OF THE FRIGGIN STADIUM...huh. I know, I know.
Sam's shirt is freakin HOT! I love a man in ketchup. Kiss the kiddies for me and ask Mr.Diva...would the masculine for of that be Devo...something to sip tea and ponder on...anyway OCD moment, ask Mr. Diva if he's neked!

Redneck Diva said...

Tiffany my BFF-Hey, you better believe me - I'll kick your ass!

Yes, the derby was a lot less glamorous without you there all dressed up with lipstick on and everything. But you still have an opportunity - the 17th is another one. You guys can come up and you can glamorize the fairgrounds once more!

Sam loves that shirt. He is constantly demanding tots off of people, so it was only right that he have a shirt demanding them as well.

And yes, the masculine is divo. But that just makes me think of that weird band from the 80's. Which of course I'm sure you don't remember since you were BORN in the 80's.

And actually Mr. Diva was partially naked last night when you sent this comment - sitting in the floor in his underwear playin' PS2. Go ahead, get that mental picture out of your head now.


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