Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Whiney Wednesday

Okay, I have a few whines this week. Finally. I was beginning to think I was entirely too happy with my life these days.

* My heel hurts today because I went barefoot pretty much all day yesterday. Totally my fault, but I'm still whining about it anyway.

* I have lost 5 pounds. Now, I'm not whining about this fact - I'm actually quite thrilled that I've lost 5 pounds. But what I'm whining about is that I seem to have lost it all in my boobs. I am certainly not very happy about this. And while it's good that I am able to fit into my leopard print bra again (Quite frankly the girls look pretty damn hot in it if I do say so myself), that only means that my boobs are indeed smaller. *sigh*

* I decided to treat myself to a few cookies during my oh so precious mid-day computer time and just figured I'd check the Points on them later. Ach. It's like 3 points a cookie! And I ate three. I'm not sure exactly what they put in those durn things but I'm figuring that it must be pork belly and rendered lard. Geez. So much for eating dinner tonight.

* I am thinking I'm too old to have a baby again. I mean, like too old to do something that would cause a baby to actually emerge from my vagina at some point. These little critters are a lot of work! Why do I not remember it with my children? Probably the perpetual lack of sleep had something to do with it. Mr. Diva thought he was so cute this morning when he said, "So. Still wanna have another baby?" while I was holding the screaming, slobbering, snotting child on my lap bouncing one knee and humming the first song that came to mind which was a Rascal Flatts tune and obviously the baby is not a RF fan. Oh yeah, Mr. Diva thought he was cute until I glared at him until his eyeballs started smoking right in their sockets.

* My office needs a complete overhaul. I'm just not sure when I'll get to that.

* I need a girls' night out. We all keep talking about it, but no one actually seems to be doing it. I'm thinking I'm just going to organize one and see what happens. I'm desperate here.

Okay, that's all I got right now. Once again, I'm reserving the right to throw in an extra whine or two before day's end.

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~ A P R I L ~ said...

GIRLS NIGHT OUT!? I'm so game! What about Thursday at Quapaw Casino? Come on, you know you wanna get all sexy.....

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