Thursday, June 30, 2005

Change of scenery

I just rearranged my living room. I love to do that! Even if you only have about three ways you can arrange your furniture, it feels good to do it every now and then. One wall of my living room is one big picture window, so I can' t put the entertainment center there - the entertainment center takes up nearly the entire wall - one end is half open into the foyer/dining area, and the other end is the fireplace, SO I have to position all of my furniture on the windowed wall and the half wall. It leaves little room for anything out of the ordinary, but still just moving it all around every now and then is a good feeling. As I pulled the furniture out I vacuumed behind it all and THAT in and of itself made me feel better. And even though there isn't any more room in the center than there was before, you'd think I'd just added a landing strip in the middle of my living room according to the way my kids are acting. They've been performing the Diva Kid Three-Ring Circus for the last 45 minutes and are still at it. I've seen more somersaults, Ninja Turtle moves and headstands than I have in a long time.

I think I'm going to get caller ID and a new phone. I just decided that this morning as I stood beside my telephone waiting for the caller to either make themselves known or hang up and I decided it's ridiculous to be that way. If I'm going to avoid people, I'd rather do it without having to stop everything I'm doing and go stand by the machine to hear what is said.

I have done so much laundry today I think I actually heard my washing machine sigh awhile ago. I'm pretty sure I heard it audibly sigh when it heard me come at it with yet another load. I haven't washed Mr. Diva's work pants in awhile because he's been wearing shorts. He only puts on jeans for the motorcycle ride to work and home, so he recycles them and wears them more than once. I've kept up his shorts and work shirts, but the jeans have sat in the hamper awhile. Now I'm done with the greasy laundry and I'm tackling Mt. Family Laundry.

I have a killer headache, too. I don't get headaches like I used to, so when I get one I really take notice. Back when I was having them on a daily basis it was nothing big. I was so used to having one life went on. Now when my head hurts it just makes me crankier'n all get out. I'm sure it's allergies. Or a tumor. :)

I have GOT to get out to the barn and snap some pics of those kittens!!! They are so cute! There are five of them - two grey, two orange and a beige one. I'd never seen a beige cat until this one. I've seen white and silver, but honest to gosh, she's beige. Of course, my niece claimed her right off the bat. So far, one orange and the beige are claimed and Chandler is going to take one as well, but he hasn't picked yet. The remaining two are ours, plus the momma. She no sooner weaned the last litter then she was knocked up with this litter, so we'll be knee-deep in cats before too long. Oh wait, I forgot we live in the Bermuda Triangle of Felinedom, so we'll go through 'em pretty quick. If it's not me running over them with the van (Yeah, the kids were in the van and we were leaving to go to the Christmas parade. That was a sucky night.), then the fox or owls get 'em. Cats are simply not safe here. We've lived in this house 4 years and have gone through 26 cats. It's sad really.

I had the best cry this morning. It was a mixture of laughter, tears and OH MY GOSH I MISS COUSIN STACEY. She sent a care package with her parents who are in town visting. She fixed up a sack each for Mom and Sis, but I got a whole box. Whoo, did I feel loved. She sent me some super cool beaded and sequined flip flops (Rats to that doctor who said I can't wear 'em, the big dooder head), a beautiful bottle with a spout for my dishwashing soap (I've been wanting one SO BADLY), some pants with flipflops printed on them (OOh I hope they fit), a wall hanging that says "Diva" and it's all done in pink and purple (SO going on my office wall next to the Napoleon Dynamite posters) and some stuff for the kids (They thought it was Christmas), but the cherry on the top of the sundae was the picture frame. She framed the picture of her, Mom, Sis and me outside the Lucky Turtle and on the frame she glued little turtles, cards and poker chips. On mine it even says "Diva" because she recognizes my diva status better than anyone. I laughed, I cried, I called Mom and we both laughed and cried. Stacey, you are the best, girl. I love you.

Cousin Stacey is an organ donor coordinator person. I'm sure she's told me her official title, but basically she puts donated organs with people who need them. A very gratifying job, I'm sure, although I could never do it. I'd spend my life in tears. So she sent the kids some little rolls of Lifesavers that say "Save a life - donate organs" or something like that. There were also some of those rubber bracelets that say "Donate life". And a refrigerator magnet. The kids immediately ripped open the candy and stuck the bracelets on. Then Abby said, "Mom, if we wear these do we have to give anyone our organs? Like right now?" Sam heard her question and of course, asked why we would give anyone our organs. I explained that when people die sometimes their organs can be given to other people, really sick people who would die otherwise. Sam said, "OOH COOL!! Can you give someone mine when I die?" I hugged that boy so tightly and said, "Baby boy, I pray that I never have to be put in that situation, but yes, if you kids died we would donate your organs if we could." He hugged me back and said, "Cool, Mom." I got me some cool kids.

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