Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Phreakin' Photoblog Phwednesday

I figured I was on such a roll with the posting today I'd throw in the photoblog, too.

Caution, it's going to be long. I took a lot of pictures. Settle in with a glass of tea and turn the radio on to ol' Delilah.

Roll that beautiful bean footage!!

After some serious, hard-core shopping, we went to the Olive Garden for dinner. This was a big treat for me because Mr. Diva refuses to eat there. He says the place smells like a soured dishrag. No class. No class, I tell ya. The waitress asked which one of us wanted to be the host and I kind of got volunteered. She told me to sniff the cork. It smelled like cork. Oh and the look on my face - is that not a look of utter glee? We were laughing so hard that other tables were looking at us grumpily. I bet we had the most fun dinner in the place.

Sniffing the cork

What was so exciting about the stupid cork? And she didn't even drink that much of it - she said it tasted like ass.

The cork!  The cork!

I call this one Heather of the Seven Veils. Why she is holding the napkin in front of her face I'll never know. I was too buzzed on the wine to care either. We are such hicks.

Heather of the Seven Veils

Do they not look absolutely giddy with vacation delight? But seriously, those two are my best friends ever. I don't know what I'd do without them. Of course, there were times I wanted to pimp slap Sis, but that's been pretty much a recurring theme since childhood.

So Happy Together

I think we must be ancestors of the mighty Norse or something. Actually, the mascot at NEO (the college in town) is the Norsemen and since Bub works there, she bought the little horny hat to take to games. Also, notice her shirt? That's one of our favorite verses in the Bible. It kept me going through high school. We had to buy the shirts . . . for Pete's sake.

Mighty Odin's second cousin twice removed

Uh yeah....I was slap-happy from all the shopping and eating, there was a storm moving in and we were heading out the door to chase it and I said, "Take a picture of me!" And turns out I looked like a psychopathic she-pirate or something.

Your Beloved Diva

My life is now more complete.
Seriously, though...if you're ever in Branson and you need to see a show, see Joseph. The cast is amazingly talented, the show is well performed and I can't believe it doesn't draw more crowds than it does. Seriously. See it. We also saw the evening show in the same theatre, Celebrate America. I cried in the first 5 minutes of it and during the segment on Viet Nam I was sobbing. Then I cried even harder during the segment on 9/11....oh gosh, it was another well-done show that I can't believe doesn't get the crowds. See it, too. I doubt you regret it.

I finally got to see it!!

This is the scene right before the curtain closes. He just got his coat back. I was weeping. Literally weeping.

He finally got his coat back!

Joseph!! I felt like such a dork walking up to this guy and asking for a picture with him, but I knew that for the sake of the blog I had to endure dork-dom. It's all for the sake of the blog, people. And would you look at his abs!?! My gosh, that guy was built. Him dancin' all over that stage in nothing but a towel and sandals.....mmmmmmyummy. Yes, I realize it's a Biblical play, but come ON, he's HOT!

Me and Joseph

Oh I have more. Trust me, there are more.

I haven't even gotten to the roaming gnome pictures! But right now I'm out of time and have to go. Digest these and the gnome will follow!


Heather said...

I love the pics!! Especially the one with you & Joseph! If only I'd been blogging when I was chasing hockey players...I could have said, "This is for my blog! Smile!!" :)

Dax Montana said...

It looks like you had a great time. However, I have some bad news for you...That "Joseph" guy...He's gay.

Redneck Diva said...

Dax- *gasp* Sweetie, unless you've actually slept with him please don't try to make me cry by telling me he's gay!!! That's just mean!! :-)

Truthfully, when he walked out on stage I thought the same thing - that he was too gay for words. But after talking to him after the show (like the dorky Branson groupies we appeared to be), we discovered that he's a newlywed (to a girl) and he plays semi-pro football, is a good Christian boy and does this play (even with the small crowds) for the Lord.

So if he's gay, he's totally frontin'.

Redneck Diva said...

Heather-WHY have I not read your blog before?!?!? I read Collin and Derek daily and I've seen your link, but today was the first day I read you. Silly me!!! You are bookmarked now, by golly.

Isn't it funny the things we do for the blog? I take pictures of the strangest things now, just in case someday I'll need to use it.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

Dax Montana said...

Didn't mean to be mean. I guess I'm just a cynic.

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