Thursday, June 02, 2005


At the request of my ever-paranoid mother I am not supposed to tell all of Blogdom that we are going to Branson this weekend. She also refused to ride with me if I advertised my web address anywhere on my van. So Mr. Diva washed my van. And since it looked so good on the outside, today I cleaned the carpet in it and I was stunned to find that my van did NOT come from the factory with carpet the exact same color as my dirt road. Who knew?

So...while I am not in Branson this weekend (wink wink nudge nudge), please try not to miss me too much. I know, I know, it'll be hard to do, but try. Please? For me?

And for any of you who might be stalking me and have plans to chop me up and stuff my grisly remains in a 55 gallon drum so you can bury me in your backyard, please don't do it in front of my mother. Because she'll just say "I told you so!"


Anonymous said...

you lucky girl going to branson! wish my hubby didn't work 7 DAYS A WEEK! maybe someday we'll get to go somewhere fun!

i'm thinking of changing to this blog. i'm having so much trouble with the other. can't even get in there! grrrrr.
have a great weekend!

oh, guess we're not having the camp out this weekend huh?????

Anonymous said...

Have fun NOT going to Branson!

KarbonKountyMoos said...

My mother always expected to "find me dead in a ditch somewhere."

For crying out loud we were in NYC - What ditch?!

Don't have fun when you're not in Branson. Love to Mom, too!

Derek Knight said...

awww, man!

Redneck Diva said...

MagnetLady-I'm assuming this is you since you're the only person I know whose husband works 7 days a week AND the only person I know who is supposed to camp out with me any time soon! I really do like Blogger better - easier to use and far less downtime. Go for it! Call me - Yeah, the campout has been changed! OBviously, eh? Guess you were the one I forgot to bad. Sorry! But yeah, call me.

MagicGnome-Thanks! I didn't have a wonderful time when I wasn't in Branson this weekend! Make sure you check back this week for my Photoblog - it involves my travelling gnome and his adventures in The Country Music Capital of the Freakin' Universe.

Moos-Yeah, I've gotten the "find you in a ditch somewhere" thing, too, but more often, it's the "buried in a 55 gallon drum" one that she uses. Guess she figures it packs more of a punch. She's such a mother.

Derek-I know, I know - There is nothing more distracting than someone's mother standing over you while you're trying to bury their remains, saying over and over again that she warned 'em. Ruins the whole entire ambience of the scene, doesn't it?

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