Monday, June 20, 2005

It burns! It burns!


And last night, as Mr. Diva was slathering my back with aloe vera and I was miserable and chilling and cringing from him touching me, I was just oh so glad I had decided against laying out topless. Because I really considered it.

Burned boobies - OUCH!!


Man, I woke up really cranky this morning. I don't know why either. I had a relaxing day yesterday, read a whole entire book, slept 7 hours last night . . . just doesn't add up. Unless you take into consideration that my hormones are so jacked up it's not even funny. It's a freakin' estrogen roller coaster I'm on, people. And it's not fun.


I finished Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend last night around 15 after midnight. It was good. Not quite what I was expecting, but still a good way to spend the day. Now I'm out of un-read books. Time to break out something old and familiar. Stephen King? A classic like Watership Down or To Kill a Mockingbird? OOh perhaps Lord of the Flies. Haven't read that one in a long time. I might even revisit Harry Potter's formative years, prepare myself for the next book. I'll have plenty of time to read again today since it's supposed to be HOT and the kids are going to want to swim but there is no way my skin is going to meet with sunlight today. I'll sit in the shade with my iced tea, thankyouverymuch. Ooh I just remembered that I have A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks, but if it's a romance in any way, shape, form or fashion I'm not touching it with a ten foot pole. When I'm cranky and hormonal, romance novels do nothing but PISS ME OFF. At least Slow Waltz wasn't smarmy and lovey dovey. I'd have retched. I'm thinking maybe even a Louis L'Amour might be the ticket today. That's about as far away from romance as you can get, eh?


We have a few new family members here at Diva Ranch. Friday, some woman that my mother in law knows, brought us a momma cat and two older kittens. She brought them in a pet taxi and we left them on the carport till they settled down. When we opened the cage later, the momma sniffed us and allowed her head to be pet, but those babies were EVIL. EEEEEE-VILE!!! The hissing and scratching. Oy. They wouldn't come out of the carrier, so Mr. Diva, being the humane dude he is, just picked up the carrier and dumped them out. Well, so much for calmly and gently winning them over, dear. They shot off like two grey rockets. We saw the momma out in the back backyard on Saturday, but yesterday we saw no sign of her. Either she's taken her babies and skedaddled or she's donned her kitty camo and is stealthily stalking us.

Awhile back, the neighbor called and said her dad had a cat that was about to have a litter if we wanted to come get her before she had 'em. That way she'd be less likely to hide them. Our plan was to let her acclimate herself, then go forth and multiply herself by five or so. Well, we kinda got busy and kept forgetting to get her. So they called yesterday morning and said she'd delivered the night before. Oops. So we gathered up the children and the pet taxi and drove over to gather 'em up. She was not all that happy that we were messin' around with her new babies, but we managed to get her and the wee ones into the taxi with little incident. She's locked up with them in the rabbit hutch and will stay that way for a few days until we're sure she's not going to take them and hide. There are two greys, two yellow/orange and a white. So far, 3 of them are spoken for and we'll keep the rest. The momma had just weaned her last litter right before she had these, so IF we can actually keep her here, we'll have more kittens than we know what to do with before long. WHOO HOO!!!!


Diva's Daycare is open for business today. I've got my three, my sister's two, Chandler and then at 2:30, the neighbor girls will arrive. Right now, there is a balance - three boys, three girls. After 2:30, estrogen will rule once more. Poor guys. Mr. Diva's off today, so maybe he can donate some testosterone to the cause. I don't know if it would help, though - I have enough estrogen to keep the Titanic afloat. If ships floated on estrogen. Which . . . they don't . . . so that was pretty much a ridiculous statement to say the least.

Ach. I'm going to go lie down.


Derek Knight said...

I hate being sunburned...Hate it.

Anonymous said...

I have some idea as to why you woke up a bit cranky...all those kids! My gosh, as if three aren't enough. I don't know that I'd want eight kids for the afternoon. Good luck and God speed.


Anonymous said...

Burned boobies, burned beanbags. Ouch all around.

Rosa* said...

Ooh girl you have been busy! Sorry it's been so long since I visited last. I've been busy too! We moved, my computer crashed, we found out we're expecting again! Too much going on at once! Glad to have found your new blog site though.

BTW, TAG! You're it!

Redneck Diva said...

Craz4acop- GIRL, I thought you'd fallen off the face of the earth! Last time I checked your blog you weren't updating so I sadly took you off the list, figuring life and pregnancy had taken priority. SO glad to see you're still around!! Thanks for dropping in, thanks for the tag and I'll add you to the list again.

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