Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Is it Whining Wednesday yet?

'Cuz I'm feeling pretty whiney. One more day to go and then I am unleashing the inner whine.

In the meantime . . .

I only let my kids outside in the morning today. I heard it was supposed to be a high ozone day. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it sounded bad and I wasn't going to risk it. They went out around 9 and were back inside by 9:30, sweaty and whiny. They've wanted to swim all afternoon, but I'm still sunburned and we've got a makeup karate class tonight and I didn't want to have to wrangle 4 kids in and out of the pool then get them presentable enough to take to town. So we've stayed inside. I even made them lie down and rest this afternoon. We've not really gone all that many places lately, but we've played hard here at home. Doing that too many days in a row will wear kids out, lemme tell ya. They seem a little more centered this afternoon, even though Sam has spent the last 20 minutes running from the toyroom, through the living room and to the entrance to the hall. Then he turns around and runs back. Back and forth. He's not pretending to be a super hero or anything - he's just running. Hey, whatever works.

Last night was Ladies' Night. Just in case my mom is reading this (which I don't think she is) I didn't spend all but $20 of the $100 I won in a desperate attempt to reinvest the winnings and hopefully hit a jackpot big enough to send my family and me to Disney World in October. I did, however, carry my new casino purse that I bought in Branson. I bought it at Children's Place. It's actually a little girl's purse (Duh. Children's Place. Like you didn't already have a clue.) but I just needed a small purse to carry my money, ID, cell phone and keys and the occasional stick of gum. I hate dragging my massive purse in to the casino. Yet I also hate stuffing everything into my pockets and causing uncomfortable glances at the bulges in my drawers. So I carried it last night. Angie and Heather thought I was cute, all lookin' like a little ol' lady with my teeny tiny purse clutched tightly in my hands. But no one stared at my bulging groin area.

I kind of maybe got a little hit on last night. That was nice. In an oogey sort of way. I was playing RedBall (What else?) and this slot tech that we had a really nice conversation with last week walked by. I smiled, he smiled. Heather and I originally had him in mind for Mom, because we're always looking for a new "daddy". And just in case my dad is reading this (Which I don't think he reads me either), no one could ever replace you, Dad! It's just a term we use to drive Mom batshit. Anyway, after conversation ensued, Mom decided she wasn't all that interested. But now we have a new friend. Anyway, back to the original thought (It's still here somewhere, I think.) this guy came back by a little bit later and stood perpendicular to me, one arm on the machine, other arm on the back of my chair. He could've hugged me sideways had he wanted to. He asked if I was winning. I said that I had won $90. He smiled and said that was wonderful. Then he leaned in really, really close. Like almost put his face into my neck close. Then he leaned back up and said, "Mmmmm . . . and you smell so good, too." If he had said it in more of a "ooh nice perfume" kind of way I'd have been all complimented and warm fuzzied, but he said it in more of a smarmy, sleazy I could be your stalker kind of way. But hey, at least I smelled good.

Oops, just noticed the time! We're off to karate!!


Anonymous said...

Even though it was a bit creepy, it still felt good to be hit on, huh. Strange how even a weirdo can make us feel good about ourselves. Back in the day we would have been repulsed. Now we feel complimented.


Redneck Diva said...

Yeah, funny how that all changes eh.

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