Wednesday, June 08, 2005

There they go, sayin' the darndest things again.

We were eating lunch in the food court a few weeks back when Tater's oldest tot got this thoughtful, staring off into space, look in her eyes. She asked, "Mom? Does Terry Yak make chicken on a stick?" My sister and I both looked at her like she had done gone cuckoo. Sis said, "Uh, Terry who?" "Terry Yak." Then she pointed to the sign over a Chinese food place. "Teriyaki" is what it said, except the last "i" was unlit. Heather explained that it was actually "teriyaki" and told her that was a type of food and no, she didn't think they served chicken on a stick there. Then TotOne, still thoughtful, pointed to another place and asked, "Well, do you think they have chicken on a stick over at China Party?" "Pantry. Pantry, dear. China Pantry. And no, they don't have chicken on a stick either."

I don't know why I find this story so funny, but I do.


I've mentioned before what huge Napoloen Dynamite fans we are around here. Well, I'm thinking we need to broaden our spectrum of movies watched. If you haven't seen Napoleon about 67 times (like we have) then this won't seem near as funny, btw.

I finally got my Sam’s card renewed and we went crazy buying bulk food like we were a major chain of restaurants. I had put two cases of water, a case of Propel, a case of Famous Amos cookies and a huge container of Laffy Taffy in the cart. I had my hands on the multi-pack of chips. 36 bags of fried potato and corn ecstasy. I was about to drop it into the cart when Sam grabbed it out of my hands, stuck it back on the shelf and said, “Dangit, Napoleon, you KNOW we can’t afford the Fun Pack!” And turned around and walked off.

I gotta get him more interested in kids’ cartoons again.


Yesterday my mom gave Kady $2 to spend at Wal*Mart. She picked out a cheap "glamour fashion fun" set with a zebra-print purse, cell phone case (because all 3 year olds have their own nights and weekends plan), bracelets, rings and hairclips. She was simply enamored with the package she held in her hands. She had it propped up against the handle of the shopping cart and was counting the bracelets, talking about what she was going to put in her purse, etc. Suddenly she stuck one hand up in the air like she was shooin' a fly, did that eye roll/head bob thing and said, "Mmm MMM! Sissy is gonna thank I am a stuh-ylin', girl!"


Abby: I wanna go to Hooters.

Me: Uhh....why?

Abby: I dunno. Sounds like fun.

Me: Sis, all Hooters is is a restaurant with a bunch of big-boobed women taking your order and bringing you your food. That’s it.

Abby: Well, Daddy and Uncle Bubba made it sound a lot funner than that.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Bring Addy to my house and I'll feed her over-priced crappy food in a tight tank top for ya. Jason will even sit at the table and be obnoxious just for "atmosphere".

Redneck Diva said...

Wow. The things friends will do for ya. Now I can give her the Hooters experience and not have to drive 2 hours! You rock, Mrs. Coach!

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