Thursday, June 30, 2005

A few late whines

Friend Monkey is shutting down his blog. 'Tis a sad, sad day . . .


If I didn't have plantar fasciitis before, I think I do now. As soon as my right foot hit the floor this morning, my knees buckled from the pain. I braced myself against the wall and the bedframe and tried to stretch it and make it quit shooting nauseating shards of pain up my leg, but it still hurt like a big dog.

I'm old.
I'm fat.
I'm falling apart.


I honestly don't know when I've had this much snot in my head. Actually it's not in my head because it keeps running out of my face like my nose is a faucet.


My house is still a mess and I have to clean it today because I'm having two parties at my house over the weekend. I love hosting parties, but man, I hate cleaning.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aww, hon...I hope you get feeling better soon!

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