Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Phreakin' Photoblog Phwednesday

Someday I'll actually get my act together and nail down one particular day a week to post a photoblog. Until then, you just have to see it when you see it, folks.

For those who haven't been over to my old blog and looked around, and for those who weren't reading me last fall, I thought today I'd post the pics from the demolition derby last September.

'Cuz I ain't got nothin' else.


This first one is a side shot that I took the night before the derby when we were almost finished. (We hadn't added the "grass" that you'll see in other pictures.) The yellow marks on the tires are in case you are heading toward a disabled car and you know you aren't going to be able to stop in time. That can get you disqualified. So you want to make sure your wheels are locked. If there are marks on your tires, the judges can better tell if you seriously tried to avoid the wreck.


Sis stood on the top of the cab of a neighboring truck to get this shot. We tried to make the sunroof look like a flower pot with vines coming out of it. It looks more like a rolled-up condom to me.

Top of the car

My darling sister painted this gnome for me. No one appreciated my gnome as much as we did. Uncivilized rednecks.


What's that nestled back there under the spare tires? Oh yeah. . . it's the flippin' GAS TANK! They kept telling me it was safer to have it in there with me, but still . . . in the back of my mind I had to wonder. . .

What's that in the backseat?

I was bound and determined to be the only flippin' car in the derby that night without the nauseating catchphrase on my car. Then I was sabotaged overnight. So I girlied it up a bit with a heart and a flower.


This was right before the first heat began. That is a look of terror, nerves and "Ooh...yep...I think I need to pee."

The first heat

This is them pulling my lifeless car out of the arena. *sob*


Ain't no junk in the trunk, 'cuz there ain't no trunk!

Junk in the trunk

Gives new meaning to the term "compact car", doesn't it?


And there you have it.

I also have a picture of the bruises, but Paul kind of got upset when I said I was going to post them, too. (They're of my chest. He's so closed-minded.)

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