Saturday, June 25, 2005

Recipe for a good blog

I got this Blog Recipe from Lightning Bug's Butt and had to share.

*3 parts sarcasm - Sarcasm? I have no clue what sarcasm is.

*2 parts irreverence - Am I irreverent?

*A dash of sexual innuendo - Not here. Nuh uh.

*Several bunches of political commentary - I don't do politics. Unless it's an election year and I'm campaigning for my uncle and then I just do what they tell me to.

*4 ounces of your favorite liquor (let simmer inside author) - Nope. I'm on the wagon.

*A dozen entries from your old high school creative writing notebook - I've actually been meaning to do this one. There's some good stuff in there.

*8 or 9 large anecdotes about your crappy day at work and your jerk of a boss - I don't have a boss, but I got a jerk of a husband. I think that'll substitute fine.

* A shoutout to your blogger buddies - I haven't done this in awhile. I must do this soon.

*Photos of your pets looking their cutest - I have done this. But more often it's my kids that look so darn cute.

*An open letter to an ex who dumped you - Ooh, now there's an idea.

*A pinch of potty humor (use sparingly for best effect) - The only potty humor around here is about potty training.

*An essay on why Mac is better than PC -- or vice versa - I've never used anything but PC. I wouldn't have enough info to write an essay on that and have no motivation to study up.

*A vignette on a childhood trauma that made you a stronger person - I was in a car wreck when I was 3 and once my dad didn't catch me when I was sliding down a water slide. But it's not made me stronger. Now I'm just leary of dirt road intersections at night and I'm scared of water.

Mix above ingredients together in a blog template. Season with song lyrics to taste and garnish with a personal photo showcasing your cleavage. Enjoy! - One has to have cleavage to post photos of it.


hicktowndiva said...

Oh, baby, you can BUY cleavage! Well, boobs, anyway. Mine don't actually cleave. Well, that's too much info, eh?
Love ya!

Redneck Diva said...

Diva-Oh I SO have every intention of a lift and enhancement when this weight comes off! I figure by next summer I'll have some nice perky ones that will look so darn good I won't care if they cleave or not!

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