Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why I love Weight Watchers

Because if you're really careful with your Points all day long, at 11pm you can sit at your computer and eat 36 pretzels and 3 English Toffee Squares just so you can get your minimum in.

Whoever invented this yummy delicious Weight Watchers candy is a genius.

Oh, it was Weight Watchers that invented it?

Well, that figures.

My gosh, I love the feel of toffee in my teeth.


FunkyB said...

Well, I was just following links for Half-Nekkid Thursday and here I am! I just started WW last Monday (I did it two years ago, but got lazy and quite, so I started up again.)

I so very much love to WW chocolates!

Redneck Diva said...

Way to go with starting WW again! This is my third beginning with it, but I can already tell that this time it's going to work simply because I WANT it to work! The other times I had no desire to lose weight. Now I do.

Those WW chocolates are simply divine...*sigh*


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